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If Snoop Dogg’s unmistakable buttery, ASMR makeup narration in beauty influencer Nikkie de Jager‘s (better known as online moniker NikkieTutorials) video collaboration with Marc Jacobs Beauty isn’t able to convince you to give the brand’s new Accomplice collection a whirl… then let this review be your final push. 


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We’re not gonna lie – while Uncle Snoop did play a part in intriguing us with this collection, it was more the promise of a flawless complexion that drew us to it. We know, we’re suckers. And when Nikkie not-so-secretly shared with us (in person, no less) that her secret to a perfect beat lies in the magic of this collection – we’re sold.

(P.S. Priyanka Chropa used the products for her wedding-day makeup to Nick Jonas, too.)


The Accomplice collection comprises two products: the Concealer & Touch-Up Stick, and the Instant Blurring Beauty Powder with Brush. According to Nikkie, this concealer is able to – cue gasps – layer on top of powder. That’s right, because of its advanced formula, the product promises to not crease when used by itself, and not cake up when used after powdering.


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As for the compact powder – it’s meant to be used as a “finishing powder”; a final layer of blurring effect to Gaussian-blur away any imperfections. It has pearl pigments infused in it to diffuse light across your face for an all-over glow. Best part? The compact comes with a high-quality magnetic brush that perfectly disperses powder on your skin. 

Have we already given away our impression of the Accomplice collection? Maybe, considering how excitable things can get around the HW Beauty Team. But read on still, for the low-down on how the products performed:

Melissa, beauty editor

Melissa used shade Light 20 for the concealer, and shade Ingenue 50 for the powder

Packaging: ♥ Sleek in smooth black and sliver and nondescript yet classy – just the way I like my cosmetics. 

Texture: ♥ As far as compact powder textures go, the powder is super fine. The concealer is slightly thicker with a creamy texture.

Scent: ♥ Both are scentless.

Ease of use: ❣ For the powder, I used the accompanying brush to swipe the compact and it picked up and deposited the powder on skin in a light veil. I applied the concealer right from the tube onto dark circles and blemishes and then used a finger to blend it in. 

Immediate after-feel: ❣ The powder left skin feeling velvety smooth instantly. The concealer felt a little cake-y as it had a creamier texture. 

Results: ♥ Complexion had a lovely natural matte texture with the powder on, but it needed a touch up after lunch to maintain it as my skin is pretty oily. On the other hand, the concealer with its thicker texture hid dark circles and blemishes really well and lasted an entire day at work. 

Price: ♥ At $114 for both, this duo is not a bad option for a flawless, natural-looking complexion, in my opinion. 

Verdict: ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Chelsea, beauty writer

Chelsea used shade Fair 10 for the concealer, and shade Ingenue 50 for the powder

Packaging: ♥ Classic and classy MJB packaging that never goes out of style. I particularly love the innovation behind the magnetic brush – it’s a clever way to ensure your brush never gets lost. 

Texture: ♥ I love the creamy texture of the concealer so much, I’ve been using it every single day (I’m halfway through the tube!). It sits so well on dry skin because of how emollient it is. As for the powder, it’s really finely-milled so the product sinks right into your skin. Doesn’t result in the “flat” matte look, too. 

Scent: ♥ Scentless, the way I like my beauty products. 

Ease of use: ♥ My favourite way of blending the concealer is to simply use my fingers. The heat from fingers helps to “press” product into the skin for a truly skin-like finish. The powder was also fail-proof to use as well; though the brush did take some getting used to as it was flat, than fluffy. I occasionally switched out the brush for my big, fluffy one and preferred the end result from that. 

Immediate after-feel: ❣ Perfect points for the concealer – lightweight, beautiful coverage, and gorgeous finish. The powder in shade Ingenue, though apparently already the lightest shade, was still a tad dark for me. It did have a slight burring effect, though. 

Results: ♥ The concealer was able to hide dark eye circles and dark acne scars beautifully; I had to tell my colleagues and friends all about it. And its buttery texture makes it compatible with dry skin – I tested it with and without powder, and actually preferred the look without. As for the powder, it did what it was supposed to – to “set” any oilier areas and blur out blemishes. It fits the bill if you’re going for a fresh matte look. 

Price: ❣ Will stock up on the concealer in the heartbeat. The powder is a little pricey for what it is, and I wish it came in a more fitting shade for my fair skin tone. 

Verdict: ♥♥♥♥♥♥

The Accomplice Concealer & Touch-up Stick costs $45, and comes in 17 shades. The Instant Blurring Beauty Powder with Brush costs $69, and comes in four shades. Both products are available at Sephora outlets and on