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According to the brand the Candela GentleMax (GMAX) laser is an “integrated aesthetic platform … multi-wavelength device” that can be used for a variety of different laser treatments including “hair removal, skin rejuvenation and pigmented and vascular lesion reduction”. What it’s also used for is to reduce the size of your pores. The machine has a largish ‘head’ of 18mm which means it’s faster to treat the whole face. The Candela GentleMax (GMAX) laser also has two types of cooling functions using either chilled air or a burst of cryogen ‒ a substance used to produce very low temperatures like in Cryogenics ‒ to ensure that you don’t feel the heat of the laser. You can therefore use this laser without a numbing cream, making it more effective. 

I tried this Candela GentleMax (GMAX) laser at Dr Joseph Yang’s Aesthetic & Medical Clinic in Orchard Road on the suggestion of Dr Yang. I’d never thought my pores were particularly large and was a bit surprised when he suggested it. This laser treatment also helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles ‒ those I know I have, so I thought that I’d give it a try. The reason behind using this is laser is the “vascular lesion reduction” component as ‘vascular’ refers to things “relating to, affecting, or consisting of a vessel or vessels, especially those which carry blood”, so this apparently helps reduce the size of your pores. As to why you want to do this, according to Dr Yang it helps reduce blemishes and imperfections since the ‘gunk’ of makeup, skincare etc, etc isn’t able to be caught in your pores and therefore cause pimples etc. 

Basically the Candela GentleMax (GMAX) laser doesn’t really feel like anything much. There’s a little warmth that’s whisked away immediately via the burst of chilled air; there’s a very slight ‘stinging’ but it disappears almost as soon as you register it. Yes, your skin does redden slightly but this is very slight. 

After the Candela GentleMax (GMAX) laser, Dr Yang gave me another dose of the Picosure laser which is used to brighten your complexion. After the application of a recovery cream and cold compresses, my face is certainly reddish in some areas but certainly no more than I’d previously experienced when having the Picosure treatment. 

To be perfectly honest I couldn’t really see any immediate results after having the Candela GentleMax (GMAX) laser treatment. The redness disappeared overnight and while there was some brightening from the use of the Picosure laser, I couldn’t really tell if my pores had been reduced or not. In the following days, however, I realised that my skin was definitely smoother and my makeup went on more quickly. A week or so later I realised that I did have a reduction in imperfections and pimples – not that I usually get a lot of these, but they did seem to be reduced in general.

So, overall, if you are concerned about large pores and you’re looking for an immediate result, you can give the GentleMax (GMAX) laser treatment a try; the additional side benefits of smoothness and fine line reduction don’t hurt either.

The GentleMax (GMAX) laser treatment is available from Dr Joseph Yang at Aesthetic & Medical Clinic, Wisma Atria (office building) #17-04, 435 Orchard Road, Tel: 6441 2481. For more information about the clinic, go to

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