What’s new?

You’re in for a nude awakening with this new foundie, which packs a sales pitch so seductive it’s practically daring you to swatch it for yourself. 

The spiel? Microscopic molecules of a breathable lightweight oil in the formula form a reflective mirage on your mien, so you look as if you’re dipped in pave diamonds. This baby also boasts beautifying benefits via a complexion-correcting complex concocted from golden silk cocoons, the incredibly intriguing star ingredient in the J-Beauty brand’s skincare suite of lotions, emulsions and creams.

One more thing. Unlike the watery wonders that are all the rage these days, Cle de Peau Beaute’s Radiant Cream Foundation, $180 from August 5, 2016, bills itself as unapologetically full-coverage – but you needn’t worry about any suffocating stickiness.

Why I love it

Take it from yours truly: The volatile oils vapourise pretty quickly for an incredibly silky and sheer finish, with a superbly satiny drydown that’s just dewy enough to read as “real” skin. 

Indeed, this makeup marvel appears to have pulled off a nigh impossible feat, being both comfortingly creamy and delightfully diaphanous at the same time – like draping the most delicate of veils over your visage. Translation: Pure pleasure to wear in the constantly clammy clime of sweltering Singapore. 

Lightweight luxuriousness aside, this industrial-strength hard worker is sturdy enough to hold up to snuff until I’ve stumbled back into bed – I experienced virtually no transfer of product when I used tissue to blot my T-zone, with no creasing, crinkling or pooling into pores to boot, either.

No complaints on the colour front as well. I’m a vampiric NC15 on the M.A.C Studio Fix scale, so I can get away with pretty much any pale-to-medium shade – if in doubt, ask your friendly Cle de Peau Beaute cabin staff for advice on the 12 Asian-friendly hues carried in Singapore. (FWIW, I’m wearing I10.)

Some final bits and bobs: The perfectly decent  SPF 25/ PA ++ rating means cubicle-dwelling folks can skip sunscreen if they like, and the creaminess of this concoction does double duty as a concealer as well. Simply pick up a tiny bit of product using the tip of a brush, then dot onto offending spots and blend outwards to blur the boundary between blemish and surrounding skin. Easy-peasy!

In short, this fantastic foundation has secured a permanent spot on my monthly repurchase list. Check it out, stat, and #HappyShopping!