The Laura Mercier Caviar Stick eye colour, $46, is basically a creamy eyeshadow in a stick, or ‘crayon’ form that you can carry around very easily due to its small size. The brand says the pigment is “long-wearing, transfer- and crease-resistant” that “glides onto lids and blends easily with a rich colour payoff”. There are around 23 different shades with the most popular ones, the more natural colours, almost always being sold out.

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick eye colour makeup review natural look makeup DECOR

This eye crayon is particularly good as a base shade for your eyes when you’re doing more ‘natural’ makeup; just choose a shade a touch lighter than your skintone. You only need a small amount smeared across your eyelid to brighten the area without looking like you’ve actually added eyeshadow. The ‘crease-resistant’ nature of the product means you can add additional colours and shading if you want to blend it into a more ‘smokey’ effect but in Singapore’s hot weather you need to use an eye primer if you use an oily eye cream or tend to have greasy eyelids. The wide variety of colours – particularly in the neutral tones – makes this a super handy product to stash in your travel case, your daily makeup bag or even just into your handbag. 

The Laura Mercier Caviar Stick eye colour lasts very well so it is ‘long-wearing’, but again if you’re layering up the colours you will need an eye primer as a base to ensure the pigments stay where you want them. Beware the stronger, brighter colours – you only need a very small amount of pigment, so don’t go ‘drawing’ the colour over your whole eye unless you’re going for some sort of clown look. We totally love the size; you can easily get dozens of makeup looks with what seems like a child’s handful of coloured tubes so this product is perfect for travelling. Yes, it seems a bit expensive, but as mentioned above you don’t need a huge amount of product so it will last you for ages.

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