Photo: Instagram / juliabubik

When it comes to makeup and lipsticks, Korean brands have a huge edge around the world, propelled by the global hype and craze surrounding K-pop and K-beauty. Just how prevalent is this hype? Well, it’s a well-known fact that once a K-pop celeb or actress is said to wear a certain lipstick on a certain Korean drama show, that particular lippie flies off the shelves almost instantly, selling out all over the world.

Newly launched this month of June is the new lipstick from Laneige, the Stained Glasstick. It hasn’t been seen on any K-dramas… yet, but we received all 10 shades and couldn’t wait to slick them on our lips. Here’s what we thought.

First up, from the outside the tube of lipstick is slightly longer and slimmer than most lipsticks out there. The case is metal, shiny and smooth with a clear plastic tip which showcases the colour of the lipstick inside. The 10-colour range has the usual reds, pinks, and an orangey hue, plus a blue tinged shade that can be used on bare lips as a sheer gloss, or to layer on another lip colour to give it a subtle cool undertone.

Photo: Laneige

With this Stained Glasstick, the brand promises lustrous, glistening colour in a watery, glass-like finish. And man, did it deliver. Once you slick it on, lips looks super shiny and swathed in colour. Layer on more to make the hue more vivid.

I’m trying the shade No.4 in Pink Sapphire here

The finish is truly shiny, and living up to the jewel-inspired names given to the shades like Rose Quartz, Mandarin Garnet and Blue Topaz. And it really glides on super smoothly, no tugging on lips at all. Lips feel really moisturised but not in a heavy, overly rich way. I had a bit of chapped lips before applying it and when this lipstick went on my puckers, it smoothed away the dryness and my pout looked nothing but plump and lustrous.

Another plus point: It has a very pleasant, subtle fruity-floral scent. Yet another nice bonus I loved was that this lipstick leaves a pretty stain on the lips. I mean, no gloss this shiny every has much staying power right? But I do appreciate it when there’s still colour on my lips after a meal.

To test the lipstick’s staining power, I wiped my lips with a wet wipe and it still looked pink, just without the shine

All in all, a glowing review for this new lipstick and it’s worth the $34 a tube (available at Laneige stores and counters and on Lazadsa) because I want to wear it all day every day… Until the next exciting lipstick launch then! 


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