kiehls dermatologist solutions breakout control blemish treatment facial lotion review singapore

Admittedly, we talk about cures for blemishes and the occasional spot treatment more often that we address full-blown acne. That’s often because the journey to acne-free skin involves trips to a professional dermatologist and medicinal-grade treatments or prescriptions.

Many of the highly recommended products (by word of mouth and online forums) for acne-prone skin like Cerave and Paula’s Choice aren’t available in Singapore, which leaves us with fewer options.

But wait, we do have a spot saviour. Oh hello Kiehl’s. Known for its skincare, the brand has a great range of products for different skin types. Aside from the oily skin saving Calendula Toner, the brand also has a range of creams, serums, and oils for various skin concerns, and we are huge fans.

This year, they’ve taken a deeper dive into acne treatments, with the addition of a new Dermatologist Solutions Breakout Control Blemish Treatment Facial Lotion ($80) and a Breakout Control Targeted Blemish Spot Treatment ($52).

Dermatologist Solutions Breakout Control Spot Treatment review singapore

While the spot treatment is more for smaller lone blemishes and scars (with its 10% Sulfur and vitamin B3), the lotion is an all-over treatment that works to prevent acne from forming while also soothing your skin and reducing dullness. It contains gentle exfoliating acids that help remove dead surface skin cells that can trap oil, as well as ingredients to calm the complexion and brighten your skin.

If your struggle with acne has been an arduous one, you might already know that salicylic acid is a handy ingredient to have in your skincare. It helps with soothing the skin and reducing inflammation, which is especially important if you’re prone to acne.

The facial lotion contains 1.5 percent salicylic acid, as well as aloe vera for soothing, and vitamin B3 (or niacinamide) which is a skin-restoring ingredient. The lotion isn’t moisturising enough to be used on its own (it’s absorbed by the skin fairly quickly), but it works like a dream under your regular moisturiser to calm any breakouts you have, prevent future one and bring radiance back to your skin. It also contains lipo hydroxy acid, which is said to work to loosen up dead cells and prevent clogged pores.

kiehls dermatologist solutions breakout control blemish treatment facial lotion review singapore

If only all skincare worked like this. (

It worked wonders at calming my skin and holding back the blemishes I could feel starting to appear, but it didn’t do much for the acne spots that were already up and about, which is where my other spot treatments really came in handy. Consider this a more long-term lotion for your skin, though we will say that not everyone’s skin will respond the same way to different types of skin care.

The lotion is really better suited for more serious acne problems, whether you’ve got plenty of breakouts or are just prone to them. It should be applied after toner, and before any serums or moisturisers. And always, always use a sunscreen on top of it all, especially when using skincare that contains acids!


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