Contouring is no longer a whispered word amongst the makeup artistry industry – it’s now a commonly known term for the daily makeup ritual. We accessed celeb secrets to a slimmer face and poppin’ eyes and we all now can enjoy similar flawless features. Or can we?

Sure, we get the concept of it all but in reality, when we try contour we end up looking like a painting-by-numbers gone wrong. The cheeks are muddy not sculptured and the ‘smokey eye’ is less smokey, more smudged. Definitely an ‘easier said than done’ job.

Which is why, when we reviewed Kat Von D’s two new beauty palettes for this season, we rejoiced. She released two beauty palettes for Shade + Light (aka contouring) one for the face and one for the eyes. The facial contouring palette is matte tones, obviously, whilst the eyes are an array of glimmer finishes.

Both palettes come complete with instruction inserts so we went ahead and found out – just how easy is it to use these palettes at home?


Shade + Light Crème Contour Palette

With 6 cremes to choose from that are paired accordingly, it’s not a struggle at all to match your natural skin tone. Whilst contouring does need to be slightly darker and slightly lighter than your skin to create the definition, the products do still need to match to avoid the obvious streaks. I opted for the lightest shade because I am pretty fair skinned.


Step 1. I used the contour for my cheeks, jawbone and bridge of my nose.


Step 2. After this comes the highlighting. I used the lightest hightlighter creme to highlight my nose, chin and forehead – and then blended into the darker areas and my foundation.


The end result?

Defined cheekbones that took no time at all to create. I was concerned at first that the dark pigment would hold too well and I’d struggle to blend in with the brush, but actually it was extra smooth and I didn’t have any dreaded dark streaks.

Shade + Light Crème Contour Palette, $49.00 available online at Kat Von D Beauty.


Shade + Light Glimmer Eye Palette

What I like about this particular palette, is that it has 12 neutral shades that also have a glimmer finish – so you’re not overloaded with glitter nor is it too natural to even notice you have anything on.


Step 1. Start with your darkest shade. I figured if I was going to really give it a go… I should just dive right in so headed straight for the onyx – darkest shade in the palette.  Brush this into the outer corners of your eye socket and eye lid. Remember, less is more!


Step 2. Sweep your chosen middle colour across your eye lids.

Here’s a rule of thumb for eyeshadow application: Darkest first on the outside, then middle shade across lids, then lightest on the inner corners. This way, you develop the colour build up gradually and can blend out the lighter colour if the dark appears too heavy for you.


Step 3. After the dark and middle shade is applied, pick your chosen lightest colour and you can add to the inner colour of your eye as well as highlight under the eyebrow too.

Once all this is blended in, my final touch for party season eyes is to use the darkest shade you’ve chosen, so in my case the onyx, and then get a thin liner brush and just lightly underline the eye socket on the outer corner – to help create a more polished look as well as giving definition to your eyes!

Shade + Light Glimmer Eye Palette, $49.00 available online at Kat Von D Beauty.


The final look using both palettes:

My verdict on both palettes: Easy to use with super handy instruction inserts to guide us all. The pigmentation is very high, so ensure you only use small amounts at first – you can always build colour up but it’s more difficult to take away after it’s on! The Kat Von D makeup brushes really helped to craft the look too, as they make blending of the product a lot easier and offer a more ‘airbrushed’ finish than just fingertips.  The eyeshadows and contouring product lasted most of the day too, which means I didn’t have to worry about touch ups later on.

What’s more – given the high pigmentation for both palettes – you only need a small amount of product so they last a very long time. Definitely get your money’s worth with these two.