For many, many years I just couldn’t find a makeup foundation that I liked. Liquids were too thick; powders were too cakey; BB creams were the wrong shade (this was back in the years before K-Beauty took over the world!) and I just about gave up. 

Then, finally, I found one. It was perfect! A liquid foundation that was not too heavy, not too light and when paired with an accompanying base was able to brighten my complexion or cover up redness. I was so happy I dedicated myself to only using that particular brand.

Now, however, I appear to have found a new love! After a disastrous attempt at trying the latest K-Beauty BB cream trying to get the new “dewy” look I was kind of looking for a new foundation that would give me the coverage I needed with added lightness but not too much shine. 

beauty review mac makeup mac studio waterweight foundation FOUNDATION DROPPER

Tadah! The new M.A.C Studio WaterWeight SPF 30 Foundation was handed to me and my life (well, OK, my morning makeup routine) was complete.

This new product from M.A.C is described as “ultra-fluid, thin, elastic gel-serum formula” by the brand. It is VERY liquid but give remarkably good coverage. The claims are the it feels “virtually weightless” and it does. The brand claims it will last for hours, and yes, it does.

Other claims about the product include it being able to “softly blur imperfections” like fine lines, enlarged pores and to also “control oil”. Yes, this foundation does both those things too. The inclusion of M.A.C’s “Moisture-Fusion Complex” is supposed to give the foundation all-day hydration, and yes, I don’t feel as though my face is dry when I use it.

So, yes, overall, this foundation really does do what it says in the brand’s claims.


beauty review mac makeup mac studio waterweight foundation BRUSH

One of the unique points about this new M.A.C Studio WaterWeight SPF 30 Foundation is that it is VERY VERY liquid. It comes in a bottle with a dropper and you really do need to use the recommended brush ‒ M.A.C says you should use its 196 Slanted Flat Top Foundation Brush and it does work very well ‒ in order to apply this foundation.

The dropper, while enabling you to place only the needed amount on the brush, is a little bit fiddly to use. And the formula for this foundation, because it’s so liquid, absolutely disappears into your hand if you try the traditional “drop foundation on hand to blend” way of applying your makeup. Which, of course, is why you need to apply with a brush.

You apply a thin first layer, almost like an “undercoat” 🙂 and then add more to the areas you need for additional coverage. You simply add layer after layer until you’re happy. 

Yes! My very (very) picky senior beauty writer actually made a comment that my complexion looked “so much better” the first day I used this new foundation. And if that isn’t the best reason to keep using the new M.A.C Studio WaterWeight SPF 30 Foundation, then I don’t know what is!

M.A.C Studio WaterWeight SPF 30 Foundation, $62, is available in 6 colours in Singapore from all M.A.C outlets. For a complete list of stores, go to For more information about M.A.C go to

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