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I’ll be the first to admit that of the many, many foundations that I’ve tried – it’s quite rare to have a brand that constantly aces their base offerings. Hera, is one of those brands. I’ve been a long-time fan of the UV Mist Cushion Cover, despite not being that big a cushion fan. (It’s a mainstay in my airplane beauty pouch, which says a lot.) My friends and family have sung high praises of the Black Cushion, primarily because of its amazing longevity and coverage.  


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So when the Korean brand introduced the Black Foundation, everyone waited the drop with baited breaths. Myself included, particularly because I have a penchant for liquid foundations.  And when said foundation – now one of South Korea’s best-selling one – landed on my desk, I had to let the Beauty Team try it.

The Hera Black Foundation promised lots. It supposedly sets to a semi-matte finish, is long-lasting up to 24 hours, and is suitable for all skin types. Best of all, the foundation is available in 12 shades – double the number that the Black Cushion (or any other Hera cushions) has. Psst, there’s a new tan shade in #31N1, too. Hera also says that the Black Foundation’s shades are “duo-matched” with the Black Cushion’s; that means the undertones are compatible with each other. Use the Black Foundation as your base, and the Black Cushion for on-the-go touch-ups. 

Peep our reviews below to see if the foundation lived up to its claims:

Chelsea, beauty writer

Chelsea used the Black Foundation in shade 21C1 Rose Vanilla

Packaging: ♡ Wished the packaging came in something a little more luxe than a plastic tube, though I do appreciate the pump for practicality reasons.  

Texture: ♥ Rather thick, but doesn’t feel heavy on the skin after blending out. 

Scent: ♡ The light, fresh scent was inoffensive; but I prefer my makeup to be scent-free. 

Ease of use: ♥ Blended out easily, and was rather full-coverage with a small amount. I even skipped concealer with it. 

Immediate after-feel: ♥ Fresh matte finish that didn’t look flat. 

Results: ♡ The matte finish did start to dry out my (already dry) skin at the four-hour mark. It was budge-proof, and smudge-proof and lasted for a good 10 hours, but I reckon it’ll sit more comfortably on oilier skins. 

Price:  ♥ A little goes a long way with the Black Foundation. If this is your jam, you can be sure your $75 will earn you a tube a foundation that’ll last a long, long time. 

Verdict: ♥♥♥♥♡♡♡

Nadine, editorial assistant

Nadine used the Black Foundation in shade 21N1 Vanilla

Packaging: ♥ Love the sleek packaging. There was also a pump for fuss-free application.

Texture: ♥ The foundation felt slightly tacky at first, but quickly blended in like a second skin. 

Scent: ♥ This was what instantly drew me in. It had a light, soothing scent when I applied it in the morning but quickly vanished before noon.

Ease of use: ♥ I consider this the most versatile of all foundations I’ve tried. It blends out into a natural, air-brushed finish, but also builds up easily for maximum coverage.

Immediate after-feel: ♥ Weightless and comfortable on my skin. I almost felt like it was a bare skin day.

Results: ♥ This gave me a softly blurred, skin-like finish. And because it was so long-lasting, I still had my blemishes hidden at the end of the day.

Price:  ♡ For $75, it’s a bit of a stretch especially if you’re on a tight budget. However, it’s probably worth the splurge if you planning on using it daily.

Verdict: ♥♥♥♥♥♥♡