ghd platinum white and black singapore

Lawrence Chan, Ghd’s leading guest stylist from Hong Kong was in town recently, and we had the privilege of a one-on-one styling session with him at Prep Luxe to learn more about the Platinum styler and Ghd hair brushes.  

The Platinum styler is their top of the line model, retailing at a fairly pricey $395, and although it looks like a straightener, they don’t call it that because it’s shaped in a way that lets you wrap your hair around it to get curls as well. You’re essentially getting two products in one, which makes the price seem less steep. 

I was admittedly surprised and slightly disappointed at first to discover that the styler has just one button to turn it on and off instead of heat adjusting buttons like other fancy straighteners or curlers, but I was informed that Ghd has discovered one specific temperature that works best for all types of hair. At 185 degrees celsius, hair reaches its point of transformation where it can be molded with the least amount of damage, and I was told that this “magic” temperature holds true regardless of how fine and straight or coarse and curly your hair is. Any lower a temperature, and you’ll need to pass the styler over it more times which can dry out your hair. Any higher a temperature, and you’ll burn your hair.  

Each of the heating plates in this “smart” gadget has three sensors to ensure that the temperature of the styler is consistent throughout the styling process. Without this technology, the plates may lose heat between the roots and ends of the hair. The consistent temperature is meant to ensure your hair is styled while maintaining its health as far as possible. It’s also going to be kinder on coloured hair!

ghd platinum white and black singapore

Lawrence proceeded to curl my hair with the styler, starting midway to the ends of my hair. He advises using a heat protecting spray beforehand, and making sure your hair is fully dry before you use the styler. He styled my hair straight from the roots to midway, and then proceeded to wrap sections of hair around the styler like it was a curler, before slowly dragging the styler towards the ends of my hair. He also alternated the direction of the curl on certain sections of hair to give it more texture, and the results can be seen below. He let the curls cool and take shape before brushing them out with one of the natural bristle brushes to get a more natural effect! 

ghd platinum white and black singapore

I decided against hair spray or any kind of holding spray at the end just to see how long the curls would last (and because I prefer my hair to be soft and smooth to the touch), and was very surprised to find that the curl lasted two entire days. My hair on the second day loosened up into a more natural curl, which I actually preferred. I do have hair that’s naturally wavy which tends to hold curls better, but it never lasted as long with other curlers I’ve tried.

If you want to see how easy it is to get the look for yourself, check out the tutorial below!

The Ghd Platinum, $395 each, is currently available in black or white, though a limited edition pink version will be available mid-October 2016.

ghd platinum pink singapore