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In general, women in Singapore do not give much thought or care to our hair.

Sure, we shampoo and condition daily – but who wouldn’t given the sweltering, sweat-inducing climate? But compared to the people in other countries like Japan, Korea, France, US, etc… who spend time and money styling their dos on a daily basis – think trends like bouncy Japanese curls, Korean bubblegum pop coloured hair styles, and chic French updos – it is really our hair styling game that falls sadly short most of the time.

Here in Singapore, we often opt for the air-dried look of limp and loose, or the fuss-free get-my-hair-outta-my-face ponytail. (I’m certainly guilty of sporting these hairstyles more often than not too!) And we blame our busy, hectic lifestyles for not allowing us time to fuss with our tresses. But really, is it that different in other parts of the modern world? Could a more positive attitude towards hair styling coupled with the right products make a difference to the hairstyles of women in Singapore?

Photo: Instagram / ghd Singapore

A hairdryer is the bare minimum – At the very least, when it comes to hair devices, most of us are, or should be equipped with a hairdryer at home. And our daily hair routine would usually consist of washing, conditioning and hurriedly blow drying our hair before we head out of the house in the morning, or before we crash into bed at the end of the day.

Although some of us prefer to just air-dry our mane after a shower, I must strongly advise against it as sleeping with wet hair will dampen your pillow and breed bacteria where you lay your head and face; And going out with wet locks just looks really unbecoming, especially if the dampness is leaving a water stain on your shirt.

Photo: Instagram / ghd Singapore

Armed with a couple of the top hair styling tools from ghd (which stands for good hair days), that we were told that many hair professionals rely on behind-the-scene at fashion shows and photoshoots, I give a new, more conscious hair routine a shot.


Go for a better hair dryer

Like many women, I have a trusty hairdryer from a popular Japanese electronics brand that’s served me well for a couple of years. I wouldn’t think of splurging on a top of the range hairdryer, especially since I blast it for a couple of minutes after I wash my hair every day just to get my hair dry in the fastest amount of time. But after trying out ghd’s air professional hair dryer ($225), I realised that not hairdryers are made equally.

Using it the same way I always do with my usual hairdryer, I got smoother, more manageable hair and it seemed also, in a shorter time too. Here’s where the hairdryer’s smart technology came into play. It’s motor and a patented air filter system streamlined the air pressure making drying super fast. And I owed the silky smoothness of my hair to the advanced ionic diffuser that immediately lessened my frizz and flyaways. There is also a two speed and three temperature control settings, including a handy cool shot button for finishing your hair drying session with a blast of cool air, which makes a difference to set the style extra smooth.


Add on a heated styler

Ok, so smoother, more manageable hair with the help of a good hair dryer is all well and good. But if you want to take things a step further, add a heated hair styling tool to your arsenal. Before thoughts protesting the waste of time and effort of using a styling tool arise, I must say that the ghd gold styler ($295) that I tried was the easiest heated hair device I have tried to date.


I’m no pro with a hair styling tool but this lightweight baby heats up and is ready to use in a mere 25 seconds. What’s more, it won’t fry your hair because it has multiple smart sensors on the heated plates to maintain the temperature at a constant 185 degree celcius, which is ideal for styling hair yet prevents damage… great for the inexperienced like me. The heated plates are also extremely smooth and the temperature is even so it is more effective and fast to create your desired hairstyle.

And this is the cherry on top of the cake for me – this one heated tool can create different styles. It isn’t just a straightener or curler, it’s both! By clipping and sliding from root to tip down section by section of hair, I got a really sleek, glossy and smooth do, without repeated going-over the different sections. And on the other hand, by clipping the end of each section and twisting upwards, I got easy wavy curls just as easily. The waves took me just 15 minutes to accomplish, on my first try too, might I add.


Conclusion: We can all try a little harder with our hair


Like any normal person, I enjoy having a lie-in in the mornings, and I usually do my makeup in the car en route to work. But with the ease and effectiveness of good hair tools, I don’t find it difficult to devote a little more time in the mornings to doing my hair. If I’m pressed for time, it’s just a good blowdry for me with almost-salon like effects, otherwise, I might do some soft curls to feel extra glam going into the office. I still need some practice, but can I say #hairgoals achieved for now?

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