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We’re not naive enough to think an eye cream alone can fix dark circles (though a little bit of concealing won’t hurt anyone) and discoloration, or zap the signs of fatigue. But combining the right skincare and application techniques, and a consistent skincare routine, can help alleviate the look of fine lines, wrinkles and puffiness.

The latest anti-ageing eye serum, the Sulwhasoo Timetreasure Renovating Serum ($348), is said to help firm and restore radiance to the delicate skin around your eyes. It is made with Deaging Active (DAA), an ingredient derived from the red pine tree, whose needles stay green and whose bark stays red for thousands of years. DAA claims to activate the longevity gene to give you firmer, more radiant skin. The serum also has antioxidant-rich saponins from extracts of red and white ginseng to soothe and protect skin against external stressors.


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Recommended for those aged 35 and above, this luxurious eye serum comes with a 24K gold-plated massage applicator to complete your eye-care routine. The applicator can be used on the eyelids, temples and the under-eye area. Use your fingers to massage the serum into your skin first before using the applicator. Shaped like a curved tick, the applicator has four specially designed areas to target stiff muscles, wrinkles, puffiness and even acupressure points to help build skin elasticity.

Here’s our review of the eye serum:

  • “While I do not have obvious dark circles, I noticed that the skin around my eyes feels a bit firmer and definitely more hydrated after three weeks of use. Aside from the wonderful massaging tool, its soothing red pine scent enhances the experience too.” – Simone Wu, 35, senior beauty editor


  • “I find the ginseng scent surprisingly refreshing and pleasant. The texture is really light and spreads easily. It doesn’t feel rich but it has a nice moisturising effect on the dryness around my eyes.” – Penelope Chan, 44, executive editor


  • “After using it for four weeks, the skin around my eyes felt significantly less dry. I also noticed that my under-eye dark circles looked less obvious. The gold massaging tool comes across as a luxurious guasha tool, and interestingly, it stayed cool all the time, making the experience very relaxing.” – Penny Seow, 39, associate art director


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This story first appeared in the July 2017 issue of Her World magazine.