Estee Lauder spoiled us rotten last year with their successful collaboration with Victoria Beckham, offering beauty buyers a delicious selection of 90s-inspired nudes and lustrous eye shadows all packaged in sleek black casing.

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This year, they’re keeping their standards just as high by introducing their latest addition to the lipstick family. The new Estee Lauder Pure Love lip colour range is dubbed as the fresher and livelier cousin of their Pure Colour lipstick collection.

(Pictured above: Pure Colour)


Pure Colour VS Pure Love

If you’re an avid Pure Colour fan, here’s all the differences you need to know about their newest Pure Love collection.  

Two more finishes – Pure Love has four finishes, with two new ones, namely matte and chrome, compared to the older range that only consists of cream and shimmer finish.

Amped-up packaging – the classic gold casing is switched up with a more reflective silver case and a clear cap.

Lipstick tip – the usual lipstick tip is swapped with a triangular tipped bullet, for a more precise application.

New range of colours – filled with more vibrant hues, Pure Love boasts of 25 different colours. Notable shades are Estee Lauder’s first-ever midnight blue and vampy purple, all finished in an opalescent shimmer that lends a mesmerising 3D effect.



Well-acquainted with the lipsticks yet? Let’s try them out and see if these lipsticks are as bold and versatile as they claim to be.

We’ve chosen one colour in each finish – Bar Red in matte, Hot Rumour in cream, Haute & Cold in shimmer and Nova Noir in chrome.


Bar Red in matte



Matte lipsticks are great, except that the formula tend towards the drier side. However, this Bar Red lipstick in matte from the Pure Love range does not dry up the lips at all.

You do need to tug a little at your lips while you’re applying, but it feels rather smooth and moisturising after. We love the colour pay off, it is bold with high coverage. The triangle tipped bullet comes in handy, allowing you to apply it on with precision – you can line your lips with the tip, colour in with the rest of the lipstick. Kiss-proof, the colour doesn’t transfer much, so you don’t have to constantly reapply, score!


Hot Rumour in cream



The Hot Rumour in cream applies on smooth, gliding across the lips easily. Very buildable, you can layer on for a more vibrant colour, or texture it with the other finishes such as the chrome ones. Or, simply use it as a top coat over a matte lipstick.

What we really love about this is the silky after-feeling it leaves on the lip. The in-between from a matte and a shimmer finish, it lends a subtle shine that helps to plump up the lips. One thing to note: this is definitely not kiss-proof.


Haute & Cold in shimmer



Due to its shine finish, we expected it to be a little more sheer, but the high colour pay off certainly amazed us. One simple swipe and it’s done. We highly suggest this as a must-buy for those who love their lipstick glossy and highly pigmented.

Ultra-moisturising, it finishes with a high shine, plumping up your lips more than the creamy formula from before. With a medium coverage and high buildability, you can mix this up with the other colours from the range. The only downside? You do have to reapply pretty often as well.


Nova Noir in chrome



One of the three limited edition cooled chrome shades, Nova Noir finishes with a pearlescent, holographic glitter.

Like the shimmer and creamy formula, this applies on real easily and it’s moisturising on the lips. Deep purple with hints of fuchsia and hot pink when it hits the light, we think it’s a great colour as a finishing top coat, to give that extra iridescence to your lips.




Firstly, these lipsticks are pretty hydrating, what with the pomegranate, mango and acai oils that helps keep the lips soft, matte finishes included. This helps to shave off some time because you don’t need to take the extra step in applying lip balm.

Secondly, the unconventional tip also helps to save time. You can eliminate the process of using a lip liner by using the triangular tip for a sharp, precise application.

Thirdly, the colours are bold, versatile and super buildable. This means, you can mix any colours you want, create different looks and moods for different outfits.

Lastly, we love the reworked packaging. It is now super elegant-looking with a modern touch, making it a great add to your handbag.

The only concern is that you may have to constantly touch up the other formulas apart from matte. With that said, it also means that you get plenty of chances throughout the day to customise your lip colour on-the-go. Plus, it retails at $36 per pop, we think the only problem is to mull about just how many lipsticks you should get at one go.