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Whether it’s dark circles or fine lines, your eyes can be the windows to your soul – or a dead giveaway of too many late nights.

Clarins comes to the rescue with the launch of its Double Serum Eye. A spin-off of its Double Serum, it is everything the global bestseller is, but for the eyes.

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It all started when the brand heard that women were using the Double Serum on their eyes to get similar lifting and firming results. Researchers then set out to work on a formula more suitable for the eye area – and the Double Serum Eye was born.

clarins eye serum

The eye serum works like its bigger sibling: It’s housed in a bottle that holds both vials of serums, encased in two separate chambers to preserve the integrity of the fat- soluble and water-soluble ingredients, and mimic skin’s natural protective barrier. A pump dispenses the exact proportions needed: one-third of the oil-based emulsion and two-thirds of the water- based gel.

Made with 96 per cent natural origin ingredients, the potent formula boasts sustainably sourced organic wild chervil extract as the key ingredient. This extract boosts the production of alpha-v integrins, which strengthen the delicate skin around the eyes. It also has 12 other plant extracts that work in synergy to restore and complement skin’s vital functions. The botanical scent is uplifting but delicate, complementing the massage ritual.

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Double Serum Eye promises visible results in a week – and more after 28 days. According to the brand’s research, 90 per cent of participants said their wrinkles looked less obvious after a month’s use.

I tried it myself and upon first use, the skin around my eye area looks brighter and less puffy. After seven days, my eye area looks firmer and more radiant. Fine lines appear reduced, and it’s less obvious that I haven’t had enough sleep. And if it is good enough for the face of Clarins skincare Dilraba Dilmurat, it’s good enough for us.

Clarins Double Serum Eye ($115) is available at all Clarins boutiques, counters and online at www.clarins.

This article was first published in the September 2021 Issue of Her World.

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