Watch as we swatch four incredibly gorgeous shades from the collection on medium-toned skin.

What’s new about these lippies?

2017 may be the year of tinted lip balms, but we’re by no means forsaking the trusty liquid lipstick (and neither are beauty giants, it would seem). Case in point: Burberry joins the liquid lip ranks this year with a new Liquid Lip Velvet. First impressions: The presentation is beautiful, with a frosted see-through tube that allows you to see the true colour of the lipstick topped off with the beloved Burberry check motif on the cap.

These lip velvets are matte, but they’re not like your typical liquid lipstick that dries down (think Colourpop Ultra Matte Lips, Kylie Jenner Lip Kits or even Too Faced Melted Matte). The formula is more of a creamy mousse that yes, feels like velvet when you swipe it across your lips. It doesn’t dry down completely, and remains very comfortable throughout the course of the day. When you press your lips together, it feels almost soft and creamy, but is in no way sticky. In fact, the consistency reminds me of one of my favourite drugstore options, the Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream, only a lot more luxurious.

Because it doesn’t dry down, you can’t expect it to be smudge-proof or budge-proof. It transfers easily, which is to be expected, but the plus side is that your lips still look perfect even if it looks like a great deal of product has been transferred onto say, the rim of your water glass.

burberry liquid lip velvet singapore review - creamy non drying liquid lipstick

How it feels on the lips

Application-wise, this product swipes on easily, but the thicker texture means it requires extra care to get a clean line along the edges of your lip. You can avoid this by using a lip liner beforehand, which is always recommended if you want it to last longer!

The wand is smaller than some brands in terms of width, but long enough that it’s comfortable to hold and finesse with your fingers. I’d say the skinnier applicator is a good thing in this case, because the creamier consistency of the lip velvet requires more care and precision to apply.

burberry liquid lip velvet singapore review - creamy non drying liquid lipstick

The formula itself does not emphasise any dry patches or lines on your lips, and the velvety texture actually has a somewhat blurring effect on any imperfections on your lips, which is an amazing bonus. There wasn’t noticeable bleeding or feathering into the lines around my lips, though you might want to be careful when wearing the darker colours as they tend to stain a little.

The hue will last through most of the day, but touch-ups may be necessary as it definitely won’t survive a greasy meal. That said, reapplying isn’t really a problem since the lipstick doesn’t dry down and layers well. You might just need to clean up your lip line after a meal if the colour smudges.


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