Admittedly I’m not someone who generally suffers from overly oily, greasy or shiny skin, but in Singapore’s hot and sweaty weather there are days when even the driest of complexions needs a bit of help to sop up the oil and grease.

BEAUTY REVIEW Make Up Store Champagne Collection Blotting Powder DECOR PLAIN

Cult, popular Swedish brand Make Up Store is slowly making its mark in Singapore’s oversaturated beauty brand market with its reasonable prices for well-pigmented coloured makeup but the brand’s Champagne Collection Blotting Powder, $42.90, is a makeup tool that’s more than just pretty packaging (which is rather flash, all soft gold and croc embossed product) and good pricing; this blotting powder really does work.

According to a number of reviews this translucent finishing powder ‘provides exceptional oil control’ by absorbing ‘excess shine and smoothes the appearance of fine lines with a soft focus effect and chic matte finish’. It was apparently created as part of Make Up Store’s 2015 Champagne Collection which was designed specifically for brides as something to be used throughout the day to keep brides looking perfect. 

The blotting nature of this Make Up Store Champagne Collection Blotting Powder is due in part to a large amount of Talc, but the addition of corn starch and silica add to the ‘slippery-ness’ of the product’s texture. There’s also rosemary leaf extract and sunflower seed oil in it to reduce redness. The blotting powder also has quite a strong vanilla scent when first applied, but that disappears quickly. You can use the powder before or after makeup and throughout the day as needed. 

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BEAUTY REVIEW Make Up Store Champagne Collection Blotting Powder DECOR ROSES

Yes, it totally works! The Make Up Store Champagne Collection Blotting Powder works so well that when I used it on a trip to a cold and dry country it actually caused my skin to get all dry and flaky!

What I really love about this product is that it not only ‘blots’ the oil and grease from your complexion but it also adds a soft mattifying glow overall that manages to blur out fine lines and imperfections. 
I’m a total convert to this blotting powder for Singapore’s hot and sweaty weather.

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