Here’s the gosh-honest truth: I was all for keeping this a secret skincare staple of mine, but I suppose good things must share…

But seriously, this brightening booster of a mask is #DaBomb. The newest and niftiest addition to La Mer’s Blanc de la Mer suite, the Brilliance White Mask is a luxuriously lightweight leave-on night treatment that also ranks among the gentlest I’ve tried.

You start off with a Soothing Primer (30ml), which boasts a blend of algae and nourishing nutrients to reduce redness and prep the skin for the second step. The latter is a Gel Cream (50ml) suffused with a marine-derived melange of potent peptides that promise to stamp out stubborn spots, diminish dullness and ward off wrinkles. You use one after the other, let the goodness sink in for a couple of minutes, then proceed with the rest of your regime. Easy, right?

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Now, with great claims come great responsibility. Let’s kick off with the twin textures, both of which are supremely sumptuous and silky; thumbs up to the fine folks toiling away at La Mer’s R&D division for absolutely nailing it, consistency-wise.  

Application-wise, I’ve been slathering my skin in the PM for a month or so, and I’m happy to report that my cheeks are supple and springier than ever. Perpetually ZZZ-deprived like yours truly? This treatment seems to tack on the appearance of a good eight hours of sleep, especially on nights when I’m hardly getting any.   

As for its purported long-term brightening powers, I can only relay an amusing personal anecdote: One of my girlfriends pulled me aside to ask if I could tone down on the illuminating highlighter, as my colleagues were sick of being literally outshone by my complexion. (And for the record, I wasn’t using any.) Make of that what you will!

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No complaints whatsoever when it comes to packaging, either. The reassuringly solid, almost obscenely opulent white-and-chrome bottles practically demand pride of place on your dresser – and make for the perfect props for a #flatlay shot.

Big beauty bonus: Both the Soothing Primer and Gel Cream more than pass the smell test; the crisp citrusy notes are energising and just evanescent enough not to overwhelm.

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And really, when it comes down to it: What’s there not to like? No splashing off with water, no sticky mess, no elbow grease on your part – just perfectly pampered and plump skin the morning after.

Bottomline? If moolah isn’t an issue – this does command a very La Mer-esque price point at $440 per pop – then I say take the plunge and do it. Because hey, anything that allows me to go  from lethargic and lacklustre to divine and dewy literally overnight is #VeryHerWorld in my books. You can thank me later!