Blithe Korean skincare singapore - abalone intensive mask review - best hydrating sheet masks

We can’t seem to stress enough how important hydration is for healthy skin. Whether you have dry, normal, oily or combo skin, moisture is the one thing we all need. And let’s face it, most of us spend a good nine hours a day in dry air-conditioned offices and another six to eight hours a night in air-conditioned bedrooms.

Korean skincare brand Blithe is dedicated to something they’ve termed “anti-polluaging”, which is essentially skincare that prevents accelerated ageing via environmental pollutants like dust and heavy metals in the air.

One of the products we got the most excited about at the Sephora Spring press day was the brand’s Abalone intensive sheet mask. This mask is meant to be soothing and extra hydrating for your skin, meaning all skin types can benefit from it!  

Blithe Korean skincare singapore - abalone intensive mask review - best hydrating sheet masks

The mask contains ingredients like abalone extract, minerals, proteins, amino acids, hyaluronic acid and marine collagen for a very intensively moisturising experience. The marine collagen and fructan in the mask are also meant to soften and help with the balance of oils in your skin.

The Blithe Blue Zone Marine Intensive Mask Abalone ($46 for 8 sheets) works out to just over five dollars a mask which is quite affordable.

Instead of the usual sheet mask material we’ve come to expect, this one was almost mesh-like. It clung to my face really well, unlike many masks which don’t offer a snug fit. It’s clear this has been created with a smaller Asian face in mind, because while the eye and mouth cut outs were a good size, the nose piece was a tad short and the mask wasn’t long enough to quite wrap around my jaw and chin. It didn’t bother me too much, because there was enough excess liquid in the packet for me to adequately coat my entire neck and I still had some leftover to slap on my elbows (which I typically forget to moisturise – don’t judge me).

Blithe Korean skincare singapore - abalone intensive mask review - best hydrating sheet masks

I left it on for a good 20 minutes, then peeled it off (oh the pleasure!) and patted the rest of the liquid into my skin. I could tell my skin got quite saturated with all that moisture (the mask is truly intensive), but it all did absorb eventually. There is a slight greasiness that gets left behind meaning you might want to put a towel down if you don’t want to get skincare on your favourite pillow case, but it was minimal so I didn’t bother.

While sleeping in air-conditioning typically dries out my skin quite a bit, I woke up with incredibly soft and supple skin. My pores looked smaller, my skin looked balanced and I daresay it had less texture too. That morning I made an effort to use a more gentle face wash to avoid stripping my skin of too much hydration, slapped on my moisturisers and sunscreen and felt more confident than usual walking out the door with no makeup.

As someone with dehydrated skin, this mask was a real skin saviour. It did more for my skin than my typical three-step night routine, so I know I’ll be repurchasing it in future.

Overall rating: 4 / 5


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