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As is often the case, I stumble upon my most interesting beauty discoveries on YouTube. This time, it’s a colourless makeup setting powder called the RCMA Makeup No Color Powder that costs all of US$12 for about 3 ounces (85 grams). In comparison, most setting powders like say, the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder come in one-ounce containers. That’s a very small price tag for three times the amount of product!

If you’ve never heard of the brand RCMA Makeup before, RCMA stands for Research Council of Makeup Artists. It’s not new by any means, and has in fact been around since 1952. Fun fact: The brand has supposedly been used on sets by Hollywood makeup artists for years.

The No Colour Powder in particular is a super fine blend of talc and silica that helps to set your makeup, blur imperfections, and as the name suggests, is completely pigment-free. This also means that it can be used on quite literally every skin tone without leaving that awful white cast that some setting powders tend to leave. I first heard of it from KathleenLights, one of my favourite young beauty YouTubers. As soon as she featured it in a video, numerous others on YouTube were quick to pick it up and rave about it as well.

What I love about the powder is that it gives your skin a gorgeous matte finish without making your skin look terribly dry or crepe-like, even if you have typically dry skin! My favourite way to apply this is with a damp makeup sponge, so the powder sinks into your skin without a trace.

You can also use it to “bake” your concealer to get it well and truly crease-proof, and also to leave your skin feeling smooth and flawless to the touch all day.

While the brand isn’t available on shelves in Singapore, you can get it from www.beautylish.com, which ships to Singapore for free if you spend a minimum of US$75. The site offers so many other amazing brands as well, from Charlotte Tilbury to Jeffree Star and Anastasia Beverly Hills, so you should have no problem hitting that minimum spend. If it’s sold out when you head to the site, just put yourself on the waiting list to get notified when they restock!