We’re always on the hunt for long-wearing kiss-proof lipsticks. Not only does it mean fewer reapplications, you can also go about your day assured that you aren’t going to end up with lipstick smears or stains on your teeth. Nobody can rock THAT look. No-one.

Till now, the only lipsticks that have achieved such tattoo-like status are liquid lipsticks that dry to a fully matte finish. Some of our favourites are by Kat Von D, Stila, Kylie Cosmetics, Jeffree Star, and MAC Cosmetics.

Nudestix however, launched a new Magnetic Matte Lip Color ($37 from Sephora) this year that has claimed to do all the same things a liquid lipstick does in terms of finish, pigment, lasting powder and being kiss- smudge- and budge-proof. The one difference? It comes in a pencil.

We’ve seen some rave reviews about it and some not-so-hot ones, so we decided to try it out for ourselves and find out how well this lipstick fared over the course of the day as well if it lived up to its claims.

The lippie is supposed to last like a tattoo, be lightweight as a liquid lipstick, easy to apply as a pencil, be kiss and transfer-proof, and also have intense colour payoff.

Want to know how it performed throughout a work day? See the results for yourself in the video above. I tried on the shade Capri, a bright coral-y pink that’s surprisingly flattering even on my deeper medium skin.

Disclaimer: I do have particularly dry lips, which as you’ll see don’t respond too well to this product.

First impression

The pencil glides on quite smoothly, stays within your lip lines easily and the colour is incredibly pigmented. I notice right away that it is merciless on any dry patches or flakes on my lips. From an arms length away, you can’t tell that my lips look flaky, but I can already feel it starting to dry. While it’s comfortable enough on the lips, it’s definitely not as lightweight as some of the better liquid lipstick formulas out there.

Side note: You want to make sure to apply this over clean lips as any lip balm underneath will affect the integrity of its kiss-proof and long lasting claim. Also avoid pressing your lips together until the lipstick is fully dried down as that will make the coverage patchy.

5 hours in

I wore this to a media lunch, and got a good number of compliments on the lip colour. Granted, I rarely (pretty much never) wear bright lip colours, but I was really enjoying how flattering this one was on me. After a bunch of canapes and a greasy meal of bak chor mee, I was surprised to see at least 70 percent of the colour still there.

Granted, the flaking had gotten worse in the four hours it was on my lips, and they felt quite dry, but I was still impressed with the colour.

At the end of the day

Once I passed the six hour mark, I was quite desperate to take this lipstick off. The crumbling was starting to irk me (for the sake of the review and video I had to keep disciplined and avoid picking at the crumbles on my lips).I tried applying a second layer over top at the end of the day and found that it just did not layer well.


While it was drier than some liquid lipsticks and not as smooth or lightweight, I will say the staying power impressed me more than many liquid lipsticks I’ve tried (which won’t survive oily meals), and I loved the colour a lot. It also applied really easily without any of the finesse you need to have with liquid lipsticks (so it’s more beginner-friendly).

Perhaps with a lot more lip scrubbing and moisturising beforehand, another attempt will see better results.

That said, if you struggle with dry lips and don’t want to go through the hassle of all that exfoliating and moisturising, then this probably isn’t for you.


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