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Losing weight and toning up can seem like a lifelong battle…one you’re destined to lose. 

Whilst some are blessed with metabolisms that work more overtime than the typical Singaporean, most have a metabolism that is slower than a sloth. Yah…super slow. 

This means that we basically look at a piece of cake and gain 3 pounds, whilst others swan around eating chocolate for breakfast in their size small dresses. 

*we’re absolutely not jealous, not jealous at all*

So, when salons (a couple of years ago mind) started to offer beauty treatments that had immediate slimming results, women worldwide rejoiced and popped open the champagne.

However, I never ran to my nearest salon because I am somewhat of a sceptic. I think it sounds too good to be true and anything that suggests you can lose 5cm in one sitting seems a little far-fetched to me. If you can work out and graft hard at the gym for weeks without any significant results, how can one session lying on a heated bed give you immediate body fat shrinkage?

This cynical outlook is the exact reason I said yes to go review the Slim Lipo Laser Treatment at Healing Touch Spa.

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This treatment is designed to ‘melt’ fats and give you immediate results:

Slim Lipo-Laser uses Diode laser, a new laser technology, which can safely (and painlessly) penetrate the skin and target specific adipose (or fat) cells to release water and free fatty acid for the body to use as energy. The fat cells than “shrink” significantly resulting in inch loss.

Relaxing in a comfortable position, your therapist will secure the multi-diode paddles to targeted area to “melt” those fats. There is no discomfort at all, just a warm sensation may be felt and the result can be measured from the very first treatment.”

I had no idea what to really expect and, still with my skeptical hat on, I arrived at the salon. After filing in some health and safety forms, I was taken to the treatment room to take my pre-treatment measurements as my therapist explained the procedure.

It’s a pain-free process where your targeted area (I chose thighs but you can chose tummy) is strapped up and the diode paddles from the machine are then placed onto the straps. You feel warmth from the machine but other than that it really is pain free. I lay there quite happily for 30 minutes and could have drifted off. The paddles work in that they aim to penetrate the fat cells and release the water which is then how the cells shrink and you achieve inch loss.

Slimming treatment

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I don’t really care how they work, I’m just grateful that they’re pain free.

After they were removed came my favourite part: the Manual Lymph Drainage Massage.  My therapist told me that they must do this because the laser via the diodes has released the water and toxins, which will now be floating around my body. The massage then flushes them out.

It was incredible and I wish she’d carried on for longer than 15 minutes. When it came to the end of my session I felt relaxed and by all accounts wouldn’t have cared if I had lost nothing.

But we measured my thighs again and in the 3 places I had lost a total of 5cm.

Slimming treatment

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I couldn’t really believe it and kept looking at my thighs in the mirror. I even watched her measure before and after to ensure she didn’t make up the numbers (I told you, full on sceptic) but this was a genuine total loss of 5cm. Wow.

What I MUST point out though, is that it is a total loss from the 3 points combined. So I didn’t lose 5cm in circumference around each thigh – that would be a fricking miracle machine if that was the case. But the 3 target points, when added together, were a total of 5cm.

What is also made extremely clear is that, whilst this treatment gives you that initial loss, you need to continue with a healthy diet and fitness regime for maintaining the loss and further loss. So really, you could just start a healthy lifestyle and lose the inches without being strapped to a machine…right?

My verdict? I was pleasantly surprised with the whole process and I genuinely enjoyed it (that massage was amazing) but I wouldn’t personally have parted money to have had this treatment done. But maybe that’s just my realistic and stubborn mindset putting its foot down.  However, I 110% would go back to Healing Touch Spa again.  The salon, the staff, the atmosphere and the treatment all felt 5* quality and I loved every minute of being there. 

If you want to give it a go yourself, get in touch with the spa and have a read about the treatment by clicking here.