Review: This full-coverage foundation will last through your day-to-night CNY visiting

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When I first saw the promotional video for Hourglass’ new foundation – the Vanish Seamless Finish Liquid Foundation – I was sceptical, to say the least. The product promised lots: a full-coverage lumi-matte finish (more on this later), it’s transfer-proof, waterproof, sweat-proof, lasts for 24 hours without a primer, and hear this – just half a pump is going to give you the coverage you need for your entire face.

I tried this $93 foundation and it made me feel like a million bucks

Photo: Hourglass/ Instagram

The foundation possessed, quite almost, my wish list of what a dream foundation should have. In the video, the models (with already flawless skin) used a “dot-sized” pump of product for their faces. It was a bold move, and in fact somewhat refreshing too. Though, someone did take the liberty to accurately point the elephant in the room out – “I like how you show it on models that don’t even need it” – well, ditto.



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So after getting myself shade matched at the Hourglass counter in Tangs (I’m in shade Alabaster), I suddenly had, quite literally, the one fan-favourite foundation that’s quickly come to have a cult following at my fingertips. The challenge was up. I decided to put the foundation through a wear test on my flawed skin… to see if it does actually live up to its many, many claims.


How it applied

Now, the vanity lights in my room show only the truth. Every pore, every acne scar, every blackhead. The true test for the foundation is for it to make me look like I have flawless skin even with the lights on. My main problem areas: redness and acne along my jawline. I also have dry skin. I did half a pump of product, an amount similar to Hourglass’ video.

The foundation had body. It wasn’t the watery type that would trail down the back of your hand; it was rather viscous, and it applied creamy on the face. I dotted it lightly along my jawline and my cheeks, and blended it out with a damp BeautyBlender.

I tried this $93 foundation and it made me feel like a million bucks

Left: Bare skin on the left side of the face; with small amount of Vanish foundation on the right side of my face around my problem area. / Right: Vanish foundation with the rest of my makeup. 

The coverage was amazing. Three light dabs of foundation on each side of my jaw, and all redness and blemishes were covered. Two dabs each on my cheeks, just a single dab on my forehead – and my skin looked great. I almost didn’t have to apply concealer, sans for my dark undereye circles. Everything blended out seamlessly, even without a smoothing primer underneath. All these with a (less than) pea-sized amount of product. So far, impressive.

The foundation didn’t look cakey, or feel heavy. That said – it didn’t look skin-like either; given how full-coverage it is. It did take away discolouration beautifully for an even canvas, but is not pore-filling.

Review: This full-coverage foundation will last through your day-to-night CNY visiting

Photo: Hourglass/ Instagram 

It set to a lumi-matte finish; that means a satin matte look that still had a slight sheen to it. You can choose to set it with powder as an extra step to lock things in place – but for the purpose of this wear test, I decided to skip the setting powder.

The rest of my makeup sat very nicely on the foundation, and I felt like a million bucks stepping out of the door.


The longevity test

My day started at 8am, from when I left home. I had a long day, so it was a great chance to test drive how long-lasting the foundation actually is.

9am – Reached office, makeup looked like when I left home.

1.30pm – Headed to a nearby coffeeshop for lunch. We sat outdoors and the heat was unforgiving. Foundation check: some shine on my T-zone (which is very normal). Dabbed off the grease with a tissue and nothing transferred.

I tried this $93 foundation and it made me feel like a million bucks

Left: Check-in after lunch / Right: Check-in after I got home at night

6.45pm – Time to leave the office. I realised that the foundation started clinging onto some of my drier patches, but it’s nothing that couldn’t be solved with a hydrating mist.

8.30pm – Had a hearty Korean BBQ dinner, with the smoke and heat directly in my face. Foundation still did not transfer, though I had to blot a couple of times throughout dinner.



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9.30pm – Drinks in a bar’s al fresco dining space. My friends were impressed at the finish of the foundation. Everything looked in place, though I’m starting to feel the foundation making my skin feel taut.

12am – Finally got home, and took a good look at my skin with my vanity lights. I was definitely shiny on my T-zone and cheeks, but nothing transferred onto my tissue when I blotted. For the most part, the foundation stay intact, but it did start bunching up on raised acne bumps and healing scars, and that made the blemish spots look more obvious than they actually are.



The Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation is a beautiful foundation. It does take the phrase “a little goes a long way” to a whole new level – the amount of coverage that it offers is undeniable (just half a pump!). It also lasted through lunch in the sweltering heat, and a smoky BBQ dinner, so longevity definitely isn’t an issue with it.



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Is it one for everyday use though? Yes and no. If you’re used to sporting a fully made-up look on the daily, this is for you. For those looking for something sheerer to just even out your skin tone, the foundation might be a little much. But hey, if you ever need something that’ll cover up any bad decisions made the night before… you know that Hourglass has got your back.


The Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation costs $93, and comes in 32 shades. Available at Tangs Orchard, Sephora (on 31 Jan), and