Three of the dirtiest D-words ever: Dry, dull and damaged. Happily, you needn’t suffer with your split-ends in silence. Here’s a fabulous five-member tag team of #DieDieMustBuy tress tamers to add to your arsenal.

Kevin Murphy Repair-Me Rinse Restorative Strengthening Conditioner, $40 at selected salons

This keratin-boosting new kid on the block boasts an incredibly invigorating scent and comes chock-full of cuticle-sealing compounds the likes of soothing shea butter plus antioxidant actives courtesy of acai and aloe. An intriguing green pea protein also promises to restore and rejuvenate each strand for a souped up shine that’s well nigh salon-grade in sheen.

Personal experience? This express elixir works like no other in coaxing life into the parched plains of my frizzy follicular forest. This volumising salve is also superb for boosting the body of your post-rinse pouf, meaning your hair’s that much easier to braid and bun afterwards. Grab this for hair that will have you looking like you spent half a day at a salon … except you didn’t even work up so much as a lather.

Kerastase Nutritive Lait Vital Nourishing Care Conditioner, $48

I’m riveted by this richly reparative cream, which is stuffed with all manner of plumping peptides and proteins plus beautifying botanicals such as exotic iris rhizome extract, which is said to scavenge free radicals.

Best bit: The buttery balm-like consistency means it can do double duty as a rinse-off mask of sorts. Here’s how. Warm up a generous dollop in your palms, work it into damp hair, then relax for 10 minutes or so. (If you’re daunted by the prospect of dripping all over your daybed, clip your coiffure up and secure with a shower cap.) When you think you’ve had enough, step into the shower and rinse off for surpassingly silky strands. You’re welcome!

Shu Uemura Art of Hair Moisture Velvet Conditioner, $69

This velvety volumiser comes crammed with cuticle-conditioning camellia oil and has also been designed to sink straight in, so you needn’t fret about leaving an embarrassing oil slick in your wake.

As I’ve discovered to my delight, treating your tresses to this nourisher the night before a Very Important Event should lend a really reflective mirror-like mirage to your mane; no more pesky flyaways! Bonus points for the sensorial pleasure afforded by this elixir’s ephemeral floral fragrance, which is just noticeable enough to keep my locks feeling fresh and flirty. Worth every pretty penny!

Tsubaki Extra Moist Conditioner, $16.90

The key to landing leading-lady locks, this subtly scented J-Beauty fave is loaded with lock-loving lipids and hugely hydrating hyaluronic acids for maximum moisturising impact. Simply dispense on damp hair, starting mid-length and paying extra care to the ends. Splash off and blow-dry for a super stylin’ head of soft hair. We swear we won’t judge if your newly rejuvenated coiff compels you to perform a slow-mo shampoo commercial hair flip!

L’oreal Paris Elseve Extraordinary Oil Conditioner, $16.90

This drugstore gem is liquid love for your locks – and the textbook definition of instant gratification, too; one pump and one minute is all it takes to lend your moistureless mane a shampoo ad-worthy sheen.

Packed with a silky sextet of “bodybuilding” botanical oils, this booster is perfect for use as a pampering pre-styling sealant; simply smooth into the ends of damp hair and rinse off for follicles that feel like silk. Indeed, with hair this smooth, fending off the caresses of your #bae when you emerge from your boudoir may be an exercise in futility.

Right, then. Do us a favour and share this story if any of these follicular fortifiers are calling out to you or your girlfriends, and happy beauty shopping!