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Bid bonjour to the Blanc Expert Cushion UV Compact, Lancôme’s equivalent of an iPhone launch for the year. I’ve had a couple of weeks to test-drive this buzz-worthy baby, so I’m happy to report that it’s well worth sussing out.

CUSHION: For starters, this is a bona fide Korean-style BB cushion, convenient compact and all – amped up a notch or two the way only the French can.

I’ll like to single out the squishy surface of the sponge in particular; the chiffon cake consistency allows just the right amount of fluid foundation to be dispensed and deposited when the pad is pressed onto your face.

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PUFF: The puff proper is also a marvel of makeup ingenuity; I’m told it’s made of polyurethane, an incredibly insulating next-gen polymer.

What this means in practice: Slapping it on results in a really refreshing tingle that should soothe sensitive skin, especially useful if, like me, you suffer from heat-induced blotchiness.

HOW TO APPLY: Quick note on application: Glide your way to a gorgeous glow by sweeping the puff away from the centre of your face. Use soft strokes to skim towards the jaw and hairline; sheering out the product this way lends a seamless finish. This gentle graduation also softens any discernible demarcation between your face and decolletage; always a good thing!

Fancy a fuller finish? For complete coverage that doesn’t look too “forced”, press your puff deeper into the cushion to pick up more product, pat a thin layer all over your face, then go back in and focus on areas of concern, such as around the nose and mouth. This targeted second coat is essentially doubling up as a concealer of sorts, quick’n’dirty style.

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COLOUR & CONSISTENCY: Formula-wise, I loved the satiny serum-like finish, which comes enriched with pine extract and glycerin for a brightening boost. The buildable coverage drapes over the contours of your face to blur out blemishes without masking them entirely; the effect of “real” skin peeking through is very fetching indeed.

No complaints on the all-important colour front as well. Thanks to scrupulous sun avoidance and genes gifted by my Mum, I can get away with pretty much any porcelain-to-pale shade; if in doubt, ask your friendly Lancôme cabin staff for advice on the four Asian-friendly hues carried in Singapore. (FWIW, I’m wearing P-01.)

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Top marks for a standard transfer test, too: Virtually no transfer of product when I used tissue to blot my T-zone. I experienced no creasing, crinkling or pooling into pores, either, although a midday touch-up is probably par for the course. The perfectly respectable SPF 23/PA++ rating also means cubicle-dwelling folks can skip sunscreen if they like.

In short, the Blanc Expert Cushion UV Compact makes for a startlingly strong contender in the saturated BB cushion market. Who knew the French folks over in Lancôme’s labs would ever take a K-Beauty essential and transform it into something so extraordinary? I’m a F-Beauty cushion convert!

Lancôme Blanc Expert Cushion UV Compact Case ($20) and Cushion ($55), each sold separately, are available at all Lancôme counters.