Nobody suffers from only one skin woe at a time, and trying to find a treatment that will deal with all your skin concerns can be tricky when you’re unsure about where to go. Thankfully, New York Skin Solutions is a one-stop beauty destination that aims to help you get a clear, glowing and healthy-looking complexion. From skin-clearing to anti-ageing treatments, it has something for everyone. 

Face Off 

We get two Her World reviewers to share their first-hand experiences:

Joy Fang

Tried: Age-ReverZ Skin Treatment 

The Treatment: This anti-ageing treatment uses a range of naturally derived ingredients such as shea butter and camomile to target the signs of ageing, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and refine skin texture while lifting and firming sagging areas at the same time. Your skin feels smooth and supple, and glows after just one session. Best bit? The treatment is fully customisable so it’s suitable for everyone, regardless of age. 

The Review: “With a functional and clinical environment, the focus is on the treatment and not so much on unnecessary frills. The friendly therapist was patient and knowledgeable, taking me through all the steps of the treatment and the products to be used. 

“It started with a double cleanse followed by a softening mask to ensure a pain-free extraction. A cream was applied to nourish the skin while an ultrasound device helped the active ingredients penetrate into the dermis layer. To finish, another mask was applied to seal all the goodness in. And to make the treatment truly pampering, I was given a shoulder, back and head massage. 

“In just one session, I saw a distinct difference in my skin tone – it was noticeably fairer, and the redness had subsided. My skin was also firmer and more toned, giving it a new bounce. My lines looked less pronounced, too. For more obvious results like the reduced appearance of freckles and other unwanted pigmentation, more sessions would be needed.”  

Total Review Score: 21/25

Sean Tham

Tried: Activ-Clear Acne Treatment 

The Treatment: Ideal for acne woes, this soothing treatment rebalances the skin using papain, camomile, witch hazel and neem tree extracts to clear clogged pores, reduce excess sebum production, and calm redness with the aim of giving you a clearer-looking complexion that feels smoother in just 90 minutes.

The Review: “While the salon environment was very clean, it did feel a little intimidating. But the therapist made me feel comfortable, and she was very knowledgeable about the products used and the treatment protocols. She also shared skincare tips to help me care for my skin at home. But what surprised me was how thoughtful the therapist was, as she even included an additional treatment to help improve the appearance of my acne scars. 

“The results were visible as I saw how my skin had improved via the analysis that was done after the session. My skin felt hydrated, and my scars appeared lighter too.”

Total Review Score: 23/25

The New York Skin Solutions Way 

The secret to New York Skin Solutions’ success is what it calls its “3P Approach” — Professional Skin Diagnosis, Personalised Treatment Processes and Proven Results. 

1. Professional Skin Diagnosis:

Every treatment includes an in-depth skin analysis and one-to-one consultation to allow both you and the therapist to better understand your skin’s needs and condition. 

2. Personalised Treatment Processes: 

Because no two persons are alike, your treatment should not be identical to another individual’s. Using customised formulations, products are mixed and matched during the treatment to target your skin concerns. 

3. Proven Results:

Every treatment uses botanically enriched products that are not only said to deliver effective results, but still remain oh-so-gentle on the skin, so you won’t have to worry about negative skin reactions from the ingredients. Not convinced? After each treatment, a final skin analysis is always done to show you the improvements. 

Together, these three key factors are intended to help you achieve all your skin goals.

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The Age-ReverZ Skin Treatment and Activ-Clear Acne Treatment are available at all New York Skin Solutions outlets. Visit for a full listing.