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Platinum is no longer just used in expensive jewellery; it’s also used in cancer treatments and even in skincare. In fact, it’s the star ingredient in La Prairie’s The Platinum Collection.

The most recent addition to this lust-worthy line-up: Cellular Eye Essence Platinum Rare ($560). The brand claims that it lifts, tightens, illuminates and hydrates the delicate skin around the eyes with the help of the rare metal, which is said to stabilise the electrical balance in the epidermis.

Michelle Ong, group training manager at La Prairie Singapore, explains: “In a healthy epidermis, water molecules are usually positively charged near the surface of the skin and negatively charged deeper within. This ionic arrangement forms a natural buffer that protects skin’s natural moisture barrier. With oxidative stress, this ionic alignment is disrupted, making skin vulnerable to damage. When applied to skin, platinum, which emits negative ions, can help restore the ionic balance.”

In addition to protecting skin from external aggressors such as pollution, platinum also increases skin’s receptivity to the active ingredients in skincare. According to Michelle, platinum has the ability to bond with human skin, thereby allowing it to work efficiently in the skin over an extended period of time.

La Prairie Cellular Eye Essence Platinum Rare uses platinum to coat nano-sized tetrapeptide molecules to prevent them from being destroyed by enzymes in the skin. Tetrapeptides improve elasticity and firmness, and minimise the look of fine lines. The serum also has antioxidant-rich colloidal platinum water to reportedly fight free-radical damage. La Prairie Cellular Eye Essence Platinum Rare is also formulated with other goodies like black tea ferment to firm and white bird of paradise extract to brighten. The serum forms a film on the surface of the skin to ensure that the ingredients are delivered deep into the epidermis and to prevent moisture loss.

I was especially pleased that the serum has a stainless steel ball at the tip of its dropper – handy whenever my eye area needs a gentle massage. Used on its own in the morning, the serum gives an instant tightening effect for that well-rested look. At night, use before your regular eye cream and enjoy the moisture boost.

la prairie cellular eye essence platinum rare.jpg

La Prairie Cellular Eye Essence Platinum Rare, $560.
Photo by: Jasper Yu 

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This story was first published in HerWorld Magazine November 2014.