John Frieda Frizz-Ease Original Formula Hair Serum

WHAT: John Frieda’s iconic Frizz-Ease Original Formula Hair Serum is said to instantly transform dry, frizzy or chemically treated hair into smooth, glossy hair. It contains Silk Protein and a blend of silicones to smoothen hair and give tresses shine while repelling humidity to prevent weather-related frizz.

John Frieda Frizz-Ease Original Formula Hair Serum, $16.90 is available from Watsons and Guardian stores island-wide.

REVIEW: My tresses are dry and damaged from frequent dye jobs. Coupled with Singapore’s high humidity levels, flyaways are my biggest hair woe.

My hair care regime is nowhere as intensive as my skin care regime. I use a hair mask twice or thrice a week depending on the dryness of my locks and I always use a hair serum after I wash my hair to keep my tresses tamed.

With hair serums being an important part of my hair care routine, I was excited to give John Frieda’s iconic Frizz-Ease Original Formula Hair Serum a go.

Unlike other hair serums, the Frizz-Ease Original Formula Hair Serum is much thicker in texture but surprisingly doesn’t weigh the hair down. Due to its texture, John Frieda recommends applying this serum on soaking-wet hair, avoiding the roots, before blow drying. A little goes a long way and I found I only needed one pump of the serum for my hair, that falls 15cm below my shoulders.  

If you intend to use the serum on towel-dried or dry hair, use half the amount that you would use on soaking-wet hair and apply only on the ends so as not to weigh your hair down.

When I’m in a rush I don’t blow my hair out. Instead, I apply some serum on wet hair, comb my tresses and leave them to dry naturally. I found that applying John Frieda’s Frizz-Ease Original Formula Hair Serum before air-drying my tresses helped tame most of my frizz while also giving my hair some shine.

I found the serum to be most effective when used together with a hairdryer. With my hairdryer’s nozzle pointing downwards as I dried my tresses, my hair was sleek and almost completely frizz-free. Plus it was glossy and silky smooth. Now only if I had the time to blow dry my long locks every day.