According to Chanel research, four qualities – luminosity, plumped appearance, smooth surface and even complexion – make skin look exceptional. It is with this in mind that Chanel’s latest skincare range for morning, night and weekend was created.

Le Jour De Chanel, 50ml, $119

Chanel new skincare range LE JOUR LA NUIT LE WEEKEND DE CHANEL beauty review LE JOUR DE CHANEL

Our skin cells continually recycle damaged components and synthesize new elements in a process called autophagy. Chanel’s serum for morning is formulated with Jasmin extract to help stimulate natural autophagy mechanisms and salicylic acid which gently and gradually exfoliates skin for a radiant complexion that is lasting. Le Jour De Chanel is to be applied as the first step to the morning beauty regime and promises tighter pores and smoother skin with a natural radiance.

Review: Although lightly scented, Le Jour De Chanel did not feel lightweight upon application. However, it absorbed quickly enough and left little residue. After just two morning applications, my pores appeared smaller (a true miracle!) and skin was softer and brighter. This glow lasted through the day, and only started to fade late evening, but that may just be the exhaustion showing.

Le Nuit De Chanel, 50ml, $119

Chanel new skincare range LE JOUR LA NUIT LE WEEKEND DE CHANEL beauty review LA NUIT DE CHANEL

Unlike us, our skin cells never sleep. They start the repair process at night, specifically; from 11pm to 4pm. Le Nuit De Chanel contains a Frankincense extract derived from the resin of the Boswellia serrate tree, known for its soothing properties. This addition allows skin to carry out cellular repair work more effectively. For plumping action, the cream contains hyaluronic acid that penetrates the skin’s core and gradually releases its contents throughout the night. To be used every night, after cleansing the face.

Review: Aside from the comforting light smell of Frankincense, this night cream is also scented with strong rose notes, which I absolutely loved! The cream was very quickly absorbed when applied, leaving a non-greasy finish. The next morning, skin was visibly plumped and well-moisturised. After three to four days of use, my skin appeared brighter and fresher (another miracle!).

Le Weekend De Chanel, 50ml, $149

Chanel new skincare range LE JOUR LA NUIT LE WEEKEND DE CHANEL beauty review LE WEEKEND DE CHANEL

Le Weekend De Chanel promises to prepare skin for the upcoming week, with rose water elements to relax and soothe skin and glycolic acid to promote hydration. Glycolic acid allows the gentle and controlled release of alpha hydroxy acids, which helps to eliminate dead cells, impurities and refine skin texture. The weekly cream should be applied once a week in the morning and evening in replacement of your usual beauty regime.

Review: I loved how quickly and thoroughly this formula was absorbed into the skin upon application. There was a slightly tingling sensation after application; however, it disappeared quickly. My skin definitely felt softer and smoother the following day. I would recommend this to be used alongside Le Jour De Chanel and Le Nuit De Chanel for maximum results.

Overall, I was quite impressed with this range, and I was able to see results as promised after three days to a week. Bravo, Chanel!

The Chanel skincare range – Le Jour De Chanel, Le Jour De Chanel & Le Weekend De Chanel – is available from the Chanel Fragrance and Beauty Boutiques located at #B2-43 ION Orchard,  #B1-134 The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands and Chanel Beauty counters. For more information about Chanel Beauty, go to Follow Chanel on Facebook at; on Twitter at @CHANEL and on YouTube at