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Skin cell regeneration is most active at night, particularly between 10pm and 2am. To take advantage of this optimal period, the scientists at Dior have discovered a way to make the active ingredients in the brand’s latest additions to its anti-ageing Dior Prestige range work extra hard as you slumber.

The two new night products use the Millefeuille Vector technology, a time-release method that helps active ingredients penetrate the various layers of skin throughout the night – which is why the technology was named after the flaky, layered, creamfilled French pastry of the same name. This range is great for women with delicate and mature skin, especially if they get insufficient sleep.

Here’s why: A lack of sleep triples the production of the inflammatory protein IL6, causing skin to age more quickly. Delicate skin (which is thin, with visible varicose veins) is most prone to such inflammation and needs the extra care the range provides. The star ingredient in the range is Rose de Granville extract. The brand’s Rose de Granville is a hardy rose with reported regenerative properties first discovered in Christian Dior’s own garden in France. Its effects are said to be especially potent when the buds are picked just at the start of spring, and there are only 800 bushes in the Dior garden from which the buds can be harvested. Th e Rose de Granville extract reportedly slows down the production of IL6, boosts cellular regeneration, and makes skin denser and more supple.

Le Nectar de Nuit serum ($595) – which has the higher concentration of Rose de Granville extract of the two products in the range – has the texture of a light lotion, absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave a sticky finish on the skin. Use the rich La Creme de Nuit ($520) over it to moisturise skin and seal in the active ingredients in the serum. If you love floral-scented skincare, you’ll be pleased to know that both the serum and the cream have a soothing rose fragrance.

While this is an anti-ageing range targeting older women with thinner, parched skin, we’d recommend it to anyone who needs to look fresh-faced in the morning. If you’re looking to expand your daytime skincare routine, try Dior Prestige Satin Revitalizing Creme ($450), an anti-ageing must-have that also contains Rose de Granville extract.

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Dior Prestige Le Nectar de Nuit, $595; Dior Prestige La Creme de Nuit, $520.

This story was first published in HerWorld Magazine November 2014.

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