WHAT: The first J’Adore EDP was launched in 1999 and was both a huge seller, and a hit with connoisseurs. Fragrance journalist Luca Turin describes the original in glowing terms as going “from golden sunset to purple dusk,” which I think means he likes it. Over the next decade-and-a-half, there’ve been more than a dozen flankers, some limited editions and some perennials. The latest is J’adore Voile de Parfum, which opens with iris, the heart is Damascene rose, and the base is powdery musk. As with all Dior scents, quality of ingredients is prized, with all flowers hand-picked from select harvests.

BEAUTY REVIEW Dior J’adore Voile de Parfum EDT DECOR

Dior J’adore Voile de Parfum EDT costs $130 for 50ml or $189 for 100ml, and is available at all Dior Beauty counters at Tangs VivoCity, Metro Paragon and at the Sephora Ion store. For more information about Dior Fragrances, go to www.dior.com/beauty/fragrance. You can follow Dior on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Dior and on Twitter at @dior.

REVIEW: The word voile is French for veil, and when I discovered it was the name of the latest J’adore, I was disappointed. To me, voile says lightness, which indicates a lack of staying power. I was expecting just a dilute version of the original. And call me a Philistine, but if I put on a scent at 8am, I think it’s only polite if it lingers till at least lunchtime.

Thankfully, the lightness in this bottle is in texture, not tenacity. The original was heady and heavy, grown-up and bold. This is subtle, but persistent, and womanly and beautiful.

The lightness perhaps lies in the fact that it has lower sillage (the trail of scent that lingers) than the original. That means it’s a perfume that invites people close to you, instead of keeping them at arm’s length, one that whispers: “I’m here,” instead of bellowing when you enter a room.

Though the notes of iris, rose and musk are classic, the composing skills of Dior nose Francois Demachy mean Voile de Parfum is not clichéd or over-familiar.

In terms of staying power, it’s impressive. Unlike the 2012 powerhouse J’adore L’Absolu, it won’t survive a shower and a night’s sleep. But it will take you through a working day, albeit fading a little through the afternoon. And it’s perfect when you want to feel like a grown woman – it’s rich, complex, sophisticated and beautiful.

Rating: 5/5