Beauty review: Dermalogica Clinical Oatmeal Facial Treatment
The Dermalogica Clinical Oatmeal Facial Treatment

What: The Dermalogica Clinical Oatmeal Facial Treatment, available at $148 for an one hour and 45 minute session, is catered for sensitive skin.

Designed to heal the skin from the damage caused by air pollutants and the sun exposure, this facial treatment counts on the moisturising benefits of colloidal oatmeal, a finely ground oatmeal commonly used to soothe dry and irritated skin.

As the first step of all Dermalogica skin treatments, your beauty therapist will begin with the Dermalogica “Face Mapping” before starting on the facial treatment. You’ll find out more about your problem spots through the therapist’s close examination of 14 sections of your face.

A suitable treatment for your skin condition is then selected; in this reviewer’s case, it was the Clinical Oatmeal Facial Treatment.

Regulars will have their “face chart” updated after each visit to find out more about how their skin has fared in between each treatment.

The Dermalogica Clinical oatmeal facial treatment is priced at $148 per session. We reviewed the facial treatment at Orchidee, 142 East Coast Road, Singapore 428832, Tel: 6242 0313.

Review: Before entering the treatment room, I had to fill up a long questionnaire on my skincare routine and even lifestyle habits about my regular alcohol consumption and so forth. Fair enough, if this will help me improve my skin care habits.

In the room, the beauty therapist then examined the condition of my skin up-close. While my skin seemed to be in good health at my age (I’m currently in my twenties), she advised that I should take better care of my T-zone as it is prone to clogged pores. She asked about my skincare routine; I admitted that I often forget to exfoliate my skin once a week. I was then advised to use my exfoliator regularly to get rid of the blackheads on my nose.

The treatment started with the removal of my makeup, sunscreen, followed by a thorough cleansing. A rice bran exfoliator was used to scrub the “surface dirt” off my skin. Thereafter, was the extraction of my blackheads: a steamer was used to open the pores and soothe the skin while the therapist gently removed the blackheads, so it wasn’t as painful as I’d expected it to be. Afterwhich, she worked on shaping my brows; the therapist was so nimble and fast that she was done before I’d even noticed it.

Next was a five-minute facial and eye massage, followed by the use of a hydrating mask. Then a second mask was used: an oatmeal-based mask was applied to my face. I loved its wholesome scent; it smelled almost good enough to eat.

The treatment ended with a shoulder and back massage that was firm yet relaxing; I was recovering from a cold so the massage was much appreciated. After the treatment, my skin looked brighter, with no post-extraction redness. My skin stayed clear and clean for the next few days after too.

Rating: 4 / 5