WHAT: The Clarisonic Plus Sonic Skin Cleansing System is a unique electronic brush cleansing system that is said to revolutionise the way you cleanse your skin. The completely waterproof handheld tool boasts a brush that makes use of the sonic micro-massage technology – which means the brush oscillates at a sonic frequency of 300 micro-movements per second (which means 300 back-and-forth oscillations nearly invisible to the naked eye).

The patented technology cleanses and softens skin at the same time. The bristles are also made with DuPont Tynex Super Soft Filament, a fibre that feels soft upon contact with the skin. The bristles are also full resistant to bacteria.

The system is also said to be able to cleanse the skin six times more than manual hand cleansing.

The Clarisonic Plus Kit (contains a face brush and a body brush) retails for $320 at all Sephora outlets and the Biotherm Homme boutique at Ion Orchard.


Before giving the Clarisonic Plus a go, I was very sceptical. It reminded me of my electronic toothbrushes, which never gets into the nooks and crannies that I wanted it to. The bristles on some of my brushes were also very hard, causing my gums to bleed occasionally. Plus, the battery life of those things gets zapped up in a jiffy.

My lousy toothbrushes were definitely the main reason why I was extremely wary when I was asked to try the Clarisonic Plus.

But boy, was I sorely misguided.

The Clarisonic Plus was everything but that. After charging it for 24 hours (before the first use), I ran it under the tap to wet the bristles, and squeezed some facial cleanser onto it. I tried it tentatively on my forehead for fear that it would be rough on the skin, but it turned out to be just the opposite.

The bristles were oscillating at a very fast speed but yet it felt super gentle on the skin, like many tiny facialists tickling your skin with a brush and very light hands. I didn’t need to press it on my skin or apply much pressure when holding it against the surface of my skin to feel the bristles working.

And because I’m so bad with timing, I love that the beeps tell you exactly when you’re supposed to move on to another part of the face – 20 seconds for the forehead, 10 seconds for each cheek, and 20 seconds for the nose and chin.

There are also three different speed settings for you to pick from, depending on your preference.

One minute later, I was done. I rinsed off the residue of facial wash and dirt on the brush head, splashed some water on my face and was good to go.

Almost instantly, my skin felt different to the touch! It felt so much softer and smoother immediately. I was taken aback by the instant results, but who’s complaining? So, this is what my skin had been missing all this while.

I’ve also realised that the pores on my skin appear slightly smaller and my complexion became more radiant.

The fact that the whole handle was waterproof also set my mind at ease – making it perfect for use in the shower. Battery life was also extremely good; having only charge it only once after one and a half months of daily use.

The only downside to it? If you’re wearing waterproof eye makeup, you will need to remove it first with an oil based cleanser to get it all off.

It’s fuss-free, simple to use and effective, I say, be gone with manual washing today!

Rating: 4.5/5