WHAT: Bausch and Lomb, the eye care company that first brought to us Ray-Ban sunglasses and now specialise in soft contact lenses have made their first foray into the world of cosmetic lenses – coloured, eye-defining, iris-widening lenses.

What’s different about Bausch and Lomb’s Naturelle line of contact lenses? The lenses are designed with a focus on natural enhancement and to complement Asian eyes. The micro-encapsulation technology ensures colour pigments remain within the lens material so they are non-toxic and will not irritate the eye. Colours used do not reduce oxygen flow through the lenses, and ComfortMoist techology keeps the lenses wet all-day.

REVIEW: Having tried cosmetic lenses before and found them overly fake-looking, I can say that Bausch and Lomb’s Naturelle achieves its purpose of enhancing the eyes subtly and naturally. Wearing the Naturelle lenses in black, friends could not tell the difference at first sight because the natural graduation pattern of colour blended well with my natural eye colour, but the cosmetic aspects deliver in photos.

My eyes appeared bigger in photos and had more depth because of the unique pattern of colour within the lenses. Unlike the solid line of the pupil created by some coloured contact lenses that cause the eyes to look fake, the colour ring in Naturelle contacts ends softly, mimicking the appearance of the pupil.

Putting on the lenses was not an issue for a frequent contact lens wearer like me. Aside from being slightly wider in diameter to accommodate the iris-enlarging effects, the Naturelle lenses are as thin as your daily wear lenses. For beginners, the concave shape and handling tilt on them will aid in putting them on. In fact, the daily-wear lenses ensure daily disposal and a higher level of cleanliness.

The lenses were comfortable despite their sturdy shape. They did not shift around much in my eye and only became a slight bit cloudy due to protein deposits after eight hours of wearing them. We all know and avoid those lenses that pinch our eyes after long wear, but Naturelle is not one of them.

While the Naturelle line of coloured contact lenses provide subtle enhancements and may not be for girls who want dramatic effect on their eyes but this is one cosmetic lens suitable for everyday wear. If you are thinking of trying out cosmetic lenses, Naturelle is a great product to start out with.

Rating: 4.5/5

Bausch and Lomb’s Naturelle daily contact lens come in two colours, Natural Black and Stylish Brown, priced at $68 per box of 30 lenses. Get more information about Naturelle at http://www.bausch.com.sg/.