Dark circles? Ugh. What causes them, exactly? Jason Matthews, skincare expert from the R&D division of The Body Shop Singapore, says the pronounced purplish pigmentation can be chalked up to stress-induced spillover from broken capillaries around our eyes.

Happily, topical creams can help. Here’s a famous five superteam of skin saviours to the rescue:

Laneige White Plus Renew Eye Cream, $55

5 Best eye creams for erasing dark circles fast laneige white plus renew.png

Let’s kick off with some K-Beauty goodness courtesy of this eye elixir that’s a staple in my skincare suite. The cream boasts optical diffusers that do a more-than-decent job of fending off signs of fatigue upon impact, but what I really love about this baby is its superbly soothing metallic massager tip.

I’ve found that running the rollerball over my under eye region for 30 seconds or so makes for a fab quick fix in ridding me of water retention in the mornings. Beauty bonus: Rinse out the applicator when the product proper has run its course, and stash it for use as a massage tool for creams that don’t come with a rollerball. Pretty neat, huh?

Cle de Peau Beaute Concentrated Brightening Eye Serum, $120

5 Best eye creams for erasing dark circles fast cpb.png

Any greatest hits’ compendium of eye creams would be remiss without an honourable mention of Cle de Peau Beaute’s covetable new Concentrated Brightening Eye Serum.

Why I love it: This salve is beyond silky on the skin, and drenches my orbital area with a   lit-from-within luminescence. And because it’s as souffle-light as its “serum “classification suggests, I also like layering this under my regular eye creams for extra cushioning on long haul flights.

And speaking of long haul, the hero product yields long-term gains, too: Let’s just say that after a month or so of using this product, I’ve found myself wiggling out of undereye concealer on most workdays.

Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Circle Perfector, $65

5 Best eye creams for erasing dark circles fast kiehls.png

A protective sunscreen, dark circle-combating cream and buildable concealer in one nifty tube? Yes, please! Officially obsessed with Kiehl’s triple-duty beauty of a product: Simply dot it on under your eyes, blend like you would any regular concealer and you’re good to go.

Wee caveat: The mineralised pigments are a pleasing peachy hue, but you’ll probably still need a little something-something for date nights out with the boyfriend. (but that’s par for the course, really, seeing as this isn’t billed as a concealer per se.) Try layering this over your regular eye cream in the morning for its very respectable SPF 30 rating.  Brilliant!

La Mer The Illuminating Eye Gel, $220

5 Best eye creams for erasing dark circles fast la mer.png

Love me some La Mer, especially this instant brightening balm that really helps to filter out fatigue. The eye gel is excellent as an all-purpose primer, thanks to the formula’s light-reflecting pearlescent particles.

Another huge plus? I’m a sucker for aesthetically pleasing packaging, which in this instance is way over and above the hygienic and very functional pump dispenser.

Clarins Defining Eye Lift, $82

5 Best eye creams for erasing dark circles fast clarins lift.png

This is my eyecare equivalent of a triple shot latte. A superb stimulant for perking up sleepy peepers, I like the instant gratification it affords: Slap it on and you’ll feel a tingly tightening that’s very invigorating indeed.

5 Best eye creams for erasing dark circles fast Clarins smear.png

Tip: Use tapping motions to massage away the bluish blood causing dark circles, and pair with the posh Parisian brand’s equally well-received Shaping Facial Lift for a full-face makeover!