Yes, the header’s not a typo. These beauty baubles can be used over makeup, anytime, anywhere.

Modern multitasking maidens, presenting a terrific trio of all-purpose panaceas, for your perusal and purchasing consideration, please:

Ettusais Herbal UV Jelly, $25

3 best whitening skincare to use over makeup ettusais Herbal UV Jelly.png

Living like we do in sweltering Singapore, it won’t hurt for another “please wear sunscreen” PSA – well, it won’t hurt as much as a sunburn would! The solution – frequent reapplication – is a no-brainer, but also back-breakingly burdensome to pull off:

Us working folk have enough to worry about, thank you very much. Asking us to slather on globs of greasy sun cream that’s going to lay waste to our existing warpaint? Ain’t gonna happen.

3 best whitening skincare to use over makeup SMEAR.png

Enter Ettusais’ excellent new Herbal UV Jelly, which deserves to be on your radar by virtue of its more-than-respectable SPF50 PA++++ rating alone. But what really gets my goat is its crazy cool consistency. I’d say a creamy agar-agar is the closest approximation, texture-wise – absolutely perfect for patting on without mangling your makeup.

Shot through with calming chamomile and rosemary, this juicy jelly has one last trick that tips it over into #DieDieMustBuy territory. I like working it into my hair and body as well, for what the Japanese beauty brand’s amusingly alliterative copywriters call “tress-to-toe care”. So easy, so effortless, so Ettusais.

SK-II Mid-Day Essence and Mid-Night Miracle Essence, $89 each

3 best whitening skincare to use over makeup TANG WEI.png

Facial mist addicts, rejoice! The fine folks toiling away at SK-II’s R&D division have apparently heard the pleas of lovely luminaries Cate Blanchett and Tang Wei to get cracking on a spray formula for the brand’s iconic Facial Treatment Essence.  

The result? Meet the new Mid-Day Essence and Mid-Night Essence, a dynamic duo of ready-made cocktails based off the cult beauty hack of decanting FTE into spritz-friendly spray cans.

3 best whitening skincare to use over makeup MidayMiracleV2.png

Being somewhat of a mist connoisseur, I love how ultra-fine and ultra-addictive the delicate droplets are. Perfect as a deeply hydrating pick-me-up you can practically douse yourself in without fear of disrupting your face paint.

Here’s a quick tip: Whenever you use a facial mist, be sure to dab off the excess with soft cotton pads after a few minutes; you want to prevent the evaporation process from wicking precious water off the top layer of your skin.

Packed with Pitera, these portable canisters have become an extension of my arm – just ask my long-suffering colleagues how often I take to puncturing the deadly silence of the office with my spritzing!

Oh, one final thing: The Pitera component also means these essence sprays reek of fermented yeast – but what price a little funkiness if you can go from lethargic and lacklustre to divine and dewy in seconds?

Shiseido Ibuki Multi Solution Gel, $57

3 best whitening skincare to use over makeup Shiseido-Ibuki-Multi-Solution-Gel.png

An entirely welcome addition to the fabulous Ibuki family of early anti-aging skincare, Shiseido’s sensational new Multi Solution Gel is great for skin caught in the grips of a quarter-life crisis. That means all you ladies straddling the stressful 20s to 40s – that no woman’s land between battling post-pubertal spots and warding off post-menopausal wrinkles.

Speaking as someone who’s right smack in the 20-to-40 demographic, I must say that this near-magical multi-tasking balm has been an utter godsend in soothing spots, placating puffiness and shrinking pores – essentially any and every cosmetic concern.

3 best whitening skincare to use over makeup IBUKI SMEAR.png

Texture-wise, I adore the intriguingly spongy springiness, which works like a dream over makeup: Simply dab a dollop over any dry patches or spots for an instant smoothening fix. I’ve cycled through two tubs and counting of this, and won’t be letting up anytime soon.

Cheers to complexion that’s bouncy and buoyant like a firm fishball, no matter the age reflected on the back of your pink IC!

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