Review: 3 best pore-minimising at-home facial peels

Add these tried-and-tested treatments to your beauty arsenal if you’re looking for the most effective pore-shrinking and skin brightening rinse-off peels, all from the privacy of your own home, too!

Ah, at-home peels. The perfect midway point between milder everyday scrubs and mysteriously long lunch breaks to an aesthetician. As always, wee caveat: Always spot test on the nook of your elbow, and start slow once a week should suffice.

Disclaimer aside, here’s a terrific trio of pore-tightening poultices, for your perusal and purchasing consideration, please:

La Prairie Cellular 3-minute Peel, $344

Review 3 best pore-minimising at-home facial peels LA PRAIRIE new.png

I’m a go-big-or-go-home sort when it comes to skincare, so this potent potion is right up my beauty alley. Stash this in your cabinet for Very Special Occasions, when you know you have to bring out the big guns; think Tinder date or performance appraisal with the boss.

A smidgen of this snow-white creamy concoction goes a long way, especially when it comes to ironing out the creases and crinkles around my mouth. Then there’s the inclusion of star player salicylic acid, one of my favourite blemish busting ingredients. Word of warning, though: Stick to the stipulated three-minute cut-off point and splash off with warm water when time’s up – any longer and the tolerable tingling becomes a troubling throbbing.

Of course, this being La Prairie, the peel also packs in all of the burnished bells and whistles to be expected from the swanky Swiss brand: Cool chrome stand, sumptuous synthetic brush et cetera. Worth every pretty penny!

Philosophy The Microdelivery In-home Vitamin C Peptide Peel Kit, $109

Review 3 best pore-minimising at-home facial peels PHILOSOPHY.png

This one-two punch is perfect for babes who want a pronounced brightening boost – that means more or less everyone these days, I suppose. There’s an amusing air of sciencey seriousness about the application that’ll go down well with aspiring cosmetic chemists.

First, massage the Vitamin C/Peptide Crystals Scrub into damp skin and leave on for two minutes – the gratifyingly gritty consistency is quite shiok, once you get used to it – then slap on a generous glob of the Activating Gel.

Wait another minute, then wash it all off. With any luck, your skin should be feeling supremely soft, pleasingly plump and pore-free. Bonus points for the sensorial pleasure afforded by this treatment’s cool citrusy tang.

Murad Intensive Resurfacing Peel, $125

Review 3 best pore-minimising at-home facial peels MURAD.png

No-nonsense and efficacious: Exactly what you’d expect from this cult cosmeceutical company. Precision-engineered with skin-scouring salicylic and glycolic acids, I’m addicted to the agreeably pebbly pearls in the formula, so much so that I’ve taken to using this as a thrice-weekly rinse-off scrub.

Tactile pleasure aside, the biggest plus has got to be the smooth-as-silk finish of your face once you’re done with this treatment– fending off the caresses of your #bae when you emerge from your boudoir may be an exercise in futility!