Revamp your ponytailLooking for a low-maintenance way to keep your tresses tame this season?

Then why not master a polished ponytail.

Runway-inspired ponies can be worn on top of your head, at the nape of your neck, and everywhere in between.

Some of this season’s most defining runway shows, including Marc Jacobs and Givenchy, saw models sporting revamped ponytails.

From minimalist and modern to voluminous and vintage, there are plenty of ways to style up a pony.

Here are celebrity hairdresser Paul Percival’s tips for creating a ponytail with panache.

1. Wash your hair and massage a couple of pumps of the Percy & Reed Superstar Supersized Bodifying Cream into the roots, this will give great volume.

2. After blow-drying backcomb the crown of the hair to give height. To do this, take small sections of hair and hold them loosely up high, before using a comb to gently drag the hair down towards the root. Once you’ve done that, comb the hair back to hide the backcombed padding.

3. Ponytails look great with a side parting so sweep hair to one side and secure the pony at the nape of the neck with a hook band. The perfect position for a ponytail is just to the opposite side that you have parted your hair at the front.

4. To hide the hairband, take a section of hair at the bottom of the ponytail and wrap it around the band before securing it with a grip. – © COVER MEDIA