Son Ye Jin’s perfectly natural makeup look in Crash Landing On You has brought all eyes back on Korean beauty, and its minimalistic but mesmerising qualities.

The undeniable strength of Korean beauty fuelled by their youthful, simple and pretty aesthetic has shone through in many of their shows, inspiring many drama and makeup fans alike to recreate or adopt their styles.

Last year, in particular, saw a rise in enticing makeup looks, fronted by the four female leads of VagabondHotel Del LunaEncounter and Her Private Life.

Here’s how to create their looks and the best products to help you get there.

1. Suzy Bae in Vagabond

Korean TV darling Suzy isn’t afraid to let her natural beauty show in the Netflix blockbuster Vagabond. To portray her role as a feisty secret agent, she keeps things minimal with a bare-face look that is perfect for everyday wear.

On model: Zimmermann Dress from Niki Han and Ethel Huang. Ring and earrings, both from Lovisa. (Photo of Suzy courtesy of Netflix)

Natural, but not basic. Add touches of neutral shades to a virtually flawless complexion to contour and define your features.

2. IU in Hotel Del Luna

There’s no doubt that Hotel Del Luna was the most talked-about drama last year, and one key reason that got viewers hooked onto this fantasy series is IU’s impeccable fashion and makeup in every episode.

On model: Dress from Ong Shanmugam. (Photo of IU courtesy of Viu)

Terracotta, burnt orange and brick red can flatter most Asian skin tones, and IU pulled these shades off effortlessly while starring in Hotel Del Luna.

3. Song Hye Kyo in Encounter

Get inspired by Song Hye Kyo in her hit drama Encounter, where she’s often seen sporting a wearable, luscious crimson shade that gives her a classy and sophisticated vibe – befitting of her character as a bonafide boss. (She wears Sulwhasoo’s Essential Lip Serum Stick in Rose Red.)

On model: Dress from Nikki Chan and Ethel Wang. Earrings and ring, both from Lovisa. (Photo of Song Hye Kyo courtesy of Viu)

If a bold red lip is too over-the-top for you, try blending it out to create a subtle flush like Song Hye Kyo’s character, Scarlet, in Encounter. Scarlet hues exude confidence and sophistication.

4. Park Min Young in Her Private Life

In the romcom series Her Private Life, Park Min Young looks effortlessly chic in her daytime job as an art curator. But when she’s not donning her corporate persona, she opts for romantic date-ready looks that would make any oppa’s heart swoon.

On model: Dress from Ans.ein. Earrings from Thrifty Thieves. (Photo of Park Min Young courtesy of Viu)

While pink may seem like a girly colour – especially on your eyelids, there are grown-up versions you can try like Park Min Young’s look here.

Photos: Phyllicia Wang
Makeup: Larry Yeo, using M.A.C
Hair: Reno Tan, Hairloom, using Goldwell
Styling: Jerome Awasti, assisted by Jet Ong
Model: Park Seojin/Mannequin

This article first appeared in The Singapore Women’s Weekly.