A quick way to get Taylor Swift’s Blank Space beauty look! B1.png

Cherry lips, crystal skies / I could show you incredible things

So I’ve had a bit of time to scrutinise every shot of Taylor Swift’s new video for Blank Space, and guess what? I can honestly say that it’s a gloriously insane work of art, in the very best way possible.

Some highlights: Taylor balances on top of a horse, a deer wanders into her mansion, a vintage car gets absolutely trashed, her cat Olivia Benson makes a very cute cameo, some things get set on fire.

Setting aside the merits of the melody itself, there’s something for everyone in the video, from frothy fashion frocks – Tay-Tay switches outfits a staggering 19 times – to one gratuitously gorgeous gent, of which more later.

But for the beauty obsessed, a striking detail will stick out like a stray hair in a chignon: In the space of four minutes and 32 seconds, T-Swizzle boasts a grand total of … one beauty look. Just red nails, red lips, perfectly drawn on and perfectly matching.

Even when the woman’s tearing her hair out and emoting like this video were her Emmys reel tape, this one reassuring constant remains: Red lips, red nails. How cool is that?

A quick way to get Taylor Swift’s Blank Space beauty look! B2.png

The makeup matchiness is sort of reassuring, really, when you think about it. It’s as if Taylor Swift’s telling us she’s still Taylor Swift, transition to pure pop notwithstanding. There’s method to the madness, after all, and it’s a trend I can totally get behind.

Not convinced? Fast-forward to the scene where Taylor’s outfitted in a Stepford Wives-esque candy cane dress and reclining in the lap of her handsome beau. Her lips and nails are particularly on point, and you really get to see how pretty the whole look is. Matchy-matchy makeup never looked so good.

Now for the billion-dollar question: What beauty brand is she wearing? I’ve scoured the Internet and strangely enough, there’s no real consensus on the precise shade of her lippie and lacquer.


No matter. Try Burberry’s beyond beautiful Lip Mist and Nail Polish in Oxblood, an opulent wine-drenched glaze that’s fantastically festive and season-appropriate. Imagine sipping on a glass of your finest red, with nails, lips and drink converging in a heady explosion of colour!

What else? I think you’ll also also do very nicely with Nars’ Modern Future Set. Comprising a blusher, lipstick and nail polish, all three products come in Roman Holiday, the brand’s signature powdery pink shade.

TAYLOR NARS Holiday 2014 Modern Future Gifting Set.png

Wait, why pink? Well, it’s an unexpectedly sugary spin on Taylor’s all-red colourway. I’ll also note that Roman Holiday itself is the title of a tune by Taylor Swift’s contemporary, the irascible Nicki Minaj. How apt!

In any case, have fun colour-coordinating your lips and nails in any hue you want – Taylor (and Nicki) would approve. Oh, and that dreamy man in the Blank Space video? He’s 25-year-old Sean O’Pry, only the world’s highest paid male model for 2013. Sean says he’s thinking of dipping his manly tippy-toes into the acting pool, so watch this (blank) space.

And because no Taylor Swift story would be complete without a cat of some sort, here’s a particularly handsome tabby high-fiving Sean himself (!). You’re welcome.


Just me hanging out with my friend in the hotel…

A photo posted by Sean O’Pry (@seanopry55) onOct 10, 2014 at 9:00pm PDT

You can follow Sean O’Pry on Instagram and Twitter. And Taylor Swift, if you aren’t already doing so.

Burberry Beauty Lip Mist and Nail Polish in Oxblood, $43 and $30 respectively, are available at all Burberry stores and online at sg.burberry.com. For more information, follow the brand on Facebook and Twitter.

Nars Modern Future Set, $70, is available at all Nars counters. For more information, visit www.narscosmetics.com and follow Nars Cosmetics on Facebook.