quick fixes for bad skin day

#1 Hydrate

Quite often, bad skin days can arise when you aren’t drinking enough water. Whenever I wake up and find that my skin is looking a little dull, beginning to break out, or showing more texture than usual, I’ll take a step back to think about the past week and realise that I’ve really been lacking on the hydration front.

And true enough, after a few days of diligently drinking water – I max out at about two to three litres depending on my level of activity – my skin begins to look a lot better. So while this is technically not the quickest fix, it’s actually one of the best things for you in the long run, and something you should keep in mind the moment you have a bad skin day.

#2 Go easy on your skin

You want to calm your skin if it’s looking red or irritated, and essentially streamline your skincare routine to the absolute minimum. Avoid overly rich creams which can clog your pores, and steer clear of harsh products that might irritate or dry out your skin. Other commonsensical pointers worth mentioning: Don’t use overly abrasive face scrubs; don’t go out into the sun without sunscreen; and avoid picking at your face. When it comes to makeup, try not to pile on a full-coverage product, and aim for paraben- and oil-free foundations and primers where possible. Mineral makeup is a good way to give your skin a break as well, so try that if you absolutely need to cover up.

#3 Throw on a face mask

A quick calming or detox mask can sometimes give your skin the boost it needs, depending on the issue you’re dealing with. Everyone has different kinds of bad skin days, so choose a mask to suit your particular problem. Just avoid harsh peels or brightening ones as these aren’t going to put your skin at ease. If I can’t quite figure out the source of my malady, I’ll go with a hydrating mask just to be safe.

#4 Change your bedsheets

If it’s been more than a week or two since you last changed your pillowcase, then it could easily be contributing to your less than desirable skin issues. Your sheets collect dust over the course of the day, as well as dead skin cells while you sleep. And if you’re someone who sprawls on their bed at the end of the day without first showering and changing into fresh clothes, then your sheets are likely to contain even more dirt and bacteria. Change your sheets, or at the very least your pillowcase, because your face is pressed against it for many hours a night – you don’t want all that nasty dirt and bacteria being pressed back into your skin.

#5 Try a facial

At the end of the day, the most effective thing to do (after drinking water) is to see an expert who can diagnose your skin and tell you what you need the most. Whether it’s an icy cool calming facial to reduce inflammation, a detox facial to unclog your pores, or a hydrating facial to combat dryness, there are some things that only a trip to your favourite facial therapist or dermatologist can fix. It’s just going to cost you a tad more than the previous DIY options, of course. But if it’s been ages since you last went for a facial, it’s probably time for your next visit.