Psst! Our latest beauty secret is a drink supplement that lets you shine from within

If we had to pick 1 adage that we’d swear by for the rest of our lives, it would probably be the age-old classic, “you are what you eat”. There is a reason why those of us who eat and drink clean have trimmer figures, higher energy levels and of course, better skin. Think of your body as a car – if you fuel up with high-grade petrol, it runs smoother as compared to low-grade diesel.

Yet, despite our best efforts, we don’t always have the time to eat as well as we’d like, especially if you hold a full-time job and are a parent – and boy does our skin pay for it! Oh, just put in more effort to your skincare, you say? Most of us are lucky if we find the time to slap on serum before moisturising! Which is why we’re super psyched to share our latest beauty secret with you that offers the best of both worlds: a drink supplement that allows your inner beauty to shine from within.

Psst! Our latest beauty secret is a drink supplement that lets you shine from within

You already know about SOFINA iP DODAI Essence from Kao (pre-skincare essence that helps your skin regain its innate ability to self-generate), but trust us when we say that’s only scratching the surface, literally. Following the same school of thought, that true beauty can only begin from deep within, SOFINA iP Chlorogenic Acids Beauty Supplement is your latest addition to your skincare regime. The best part is, all you need to do is drink it, which takes less time than patting on a serum!

Formulated with beautifying chlorogenic acids derived from antioxidant-rich plant polyphenols, this fruity-flavoured drink was derived from Kao’s proprietary “Holistic Beauty Science” research studies that focused on the innate, natural power of humans to be beautiful. How the supplement works is that it helps deliver nutritious, skin-loving ingredients throughout your entire body, which help to activate your body’s ability to regenerate. Packed with collagen, malt extract, kidachi aloe extract powder and vitamin B6, drinking a bottle a day also helps to fight against the common symptoms of fatigue and stress like dull, lackluster skin and breakouts. It’s caffeine-free too, so it’s recommended to be taken just before you go to sleep, allowing you to literally wake up to beautiful, glowing skin. #yaaaaas.

Psst! Our latest beauty secret is a drink supplement that lets you shine from within

From October onwards, SOFINA iP Chlorogenic Acids Beauty Supplement will be available for sale at ISETAN Scotts. From Oct 19-25, you’ll receive 1 SOFINA iP Dodai Essence mini bottle (30g) worth S$28 with every purchase of SOFINA iP Chlorogenic Acids Beauty Supplement. Purchase more than 3 items from SOFINA iP range and you’ll receive a 4-piece gift bag worth S$52. Please note that tastings during this period is limited to only 30 bottles a day, so be sure to head down early!

*Terms and conditions apply, offers valid while stock last.

*After Skin check and supplement to be consumed immediately.

SOFINA iP Chlorogenic Acids Beauty Supplement retails at $60 (10 bottles per box) and is available from SOFINA counter at Isetan Scotts Level 1.

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