Photo: Instagram / Fenty Beauty

From rose gold hair to feathery eyebrows to glitter lipstick, there was no shortage of trends in 2017, even if they got a little weird (read: pimple nail art). In the spirit of the ‘new year new you’ adage, get on board the trend train of 2018 with our round up of the hottest forecasts for the year ahead. This is not a drill.


The trend: all that glitters is gold


While homegirl RiRi did not technically, invent gold make up, we bet that Fenty Beauty will get all the credit for all the gold highlighter you’ll be seeing everywhere this year. Forget subtlety, we’re talking a full-on, bold yellow-gold metallic pigment that would make even Midas blush. You’ll want to head over to Sephora and add her Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in Trophy Wife ASAP, because we predict it won’t be long before it’s sold out.

Tip: if you have a darker skin tone, lucky you, because this hue will look literally everywhere on your face. If you have a fairer skin tone, stick to using it as an eye shadow or spot highlighter.

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The trend: this is how we roll


Talk about a throwback. First documented for use as a beauty tool in 7th-century China, facial rollers made a comeback in a big way and gained major traction in 2017, with beauty bloggers and editors alike raving over it’s magical prowess to de-puff the face, tighten pores and help the skin absorb skincare products better (which in turn, makes them work better). Get yourself one of these babies so that no matter what stressors 2018 will throw you, you’ll always be able to put your best face forward.

Tip: definitely get a double-ended roller (the smaller side is for your under-eyes). Store it in your freezer and use it in the mornings to instantly de-puff your face. Use it at night after washing your face and before your skincare routine to enable your skin to absorb your products better.

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The trend: lash out


Retro, clumpy lashes makes a comeback in 2018, as seen at Dior’s Spring 2018 show. We’re all over this one – we’re so over combing out mascara clumps at 7 in the morning! While this dramatic look might not look so natural at the office, we’re definitely trying it out the next time we do a girls’ night out.

Tip: layer your lashes with several applications of volumizing mascara, or use a primer to thicken if you have naturally fine lashes. If you’re worried about damaging your lashes, consider layering mascara over falsies instead.

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The trend: clean beauty


While 2017 was all about that no-makeup look, 2018 is about actually ditching the foundation and letting your natural beauty shine with the help of clean beauty products. Natural makes way for clean this year as the focus shifts to earth and skin-friendly skincare brands that feature natural ingredients. Let’s make the planet great again.

Tip: if you’re making the switch to natural beauty products this year, try to opt for products that come in dark bottles as this enables your products to last longer. Otherwise, remember to store them in a cool, dark place and away from direct sunlight.

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The trend: Upside down liner


From the runway to the red carpet, the upside-down eyeliner look was spotted on models and celebrities alike, and we see no signs (or reasons) of this trend stopping in 2018. A fuss-free and quick way to add a pop of colour to your look without having to worry about properly blending your eye shadow, we’re all over this boardroom-to-bar trend that requires zero skill to rock.

Tip: don’t run out to buy coloured eyeliners just yet! Make your money work for you and swap in eye shadow instead. Just use a flat brush to apply the colour to your lower lids, and opt for cream formulas for stronger pigments and longer staying power.

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The trend: keeping it simple


It was fun while it lasted, but say bye to the 12-step K-beauty regime and hello to multi-purpose products instead. In 2018, spend your time wisely by chasing your dreams and achieving your goals instead of in front of your vanity! You can expect to see more multi-purpose skincare products that advocate simplicity and ease. After all, the modern #girlboss knows time is money.

Tip: Argan and coconut oils form the base of many multi-purpose products, and with good reason! Both oils have traditionally been used for cleansing and moisturising everything from your hair to your skin, while helping to heal and nourish as they are both high in healthy fats. You can essentially replace your face wash, moisturiser, lip balm, shaving cream and leave-in hair treatment with a bottle of either oils. Just make sure it’s organic to ensure you’re not rubbing in unknown chemicals into your skin.

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The trend: fight pollution


Anti-pollution skincare is quickly catching up with the anti-aging market (although the two do go hand-in-hand), with the sales of anti-pollution skincare products amounting to a staggering £3.1 million in the second half of 2017. Skin stressors such as air conditioning, heating, bacteria, traffic pollution and even the blue light from our computer screens are the next enemies to combat, as they are known to hasten the aging process of our skin. The 21st century might be convenient, but it sure comes at a cost.

Tip: while products focused on anti-pollution will certainly make a difference in your skin’s health and appearance, don’t forget to help your body regenerate and heal from the inside by ensuring your diet is filled with vitamins and antioxidants.

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