The health and beauty benefits of adding probiotics into your diet have been well documented, but 2017 has seen a sharp increase in the number of beauty brands offering products that contain ‘good’ bacteria, designed to be applied directly to the skin. We take a look at some of the ways to incorporate probiotics into your regime.



Facial mist



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Live probiotic skincare brand Mother Dirt’s AO+ Mist was given the ‘Made Safe’ stamp of approval this July, meaning that it is made from safe ingredients and free from harmful chemicals. The mist contains live ammonia-oxidizing bacteria that the brand claims can improve the texture and appearance of common skin issues such as sensitivity, blotchiness, oiliness or dryness, within two weeks of use.

Motherdirt AO + Mist, $49 

Anti-aging cream

Earlier this year beauty company Rollon Skin Care unveiled its new ‘Prache Antiaging Cream’, which contains a probiotic to speed up skin renewal and turnover, with the goal of fighting visible signs of aging. The cream also contains bioavailable peptides to fill and smooth out wrinkles, as well as tomato-derived carotenoids to combat UV damage.

Rollon Skin Care, Prache Anti-ageing Cream, $79

Eye cream



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Tula Skincare may be the new kid on the probiotic block, but the brand has caught the attention of the beauty world with its innovative range of products. This ‘Multi Spectrum Eye Renewal Serum’ contains strains of bifida ferment lysate, which the brand claims help to fight free radicals. The serum promises to reduce under-eye puffiness and provide an instant burst of hydration.

Tula Skincare Multi Spectrum Eye Renewal Serum, $68




Probiotic skincare line Aurelia offers a range of probiotic solutions for face and body, but one of the most tempting is this ‘Cell Revitalise Night Moisturiser’, which claims to work overnight to soothe dull and tired skin. 

Aurelia Skincare Cell Revitalise Night Moisturiser, $105

Purifying mask


Tata Harper’s new ‘Purifying Mask’ contains lactobacillus and punica granatum fruit ferment extract, as well as several other botanical ingredients, to fight the visible wear and tear of the skin caused by environmental stressors like pollution or smog.

Tata Harper Skincare Purifying Mask, $65


This story was first seen on AFP Relax News, Aug 23, 2017.