We can see why Rihanna, Madonna, Lady Gaga and Beyonce (four women who make a career of changing things up) are Dashing Diva fans: the US brand has made nail art faster, easier, and cheaper to do. Its latest: Magic Press Press-on Gel Manicure – adhesive nail tips with gel-like polish in more than 70 new designs every year.

Dashing Diva’s Magic Press Press-on Gel Manicure is made for Asian nails – which are usually narrower and shorter than Caucasian ones. Each gel-nail is also softer, almost weightless, follows the nail’s natural curve, and can be filed down.

It comes in six ranges.
• Mass – you get colour, print and faux stones.
• Premium Series – features the addition of real crystals.
• Signature Edition – limited editions with crystals and only 200 sets of each design.
• Pedicure – like Mass, it has colour, print and faux stones.
• Premium Pedicure – with real crystals.
• Petite – for kids, this has cute designs but no stones, and it sticks on via water-based glue, so it comes off in warm water.

Also expect special collections: One collaboration was with Korean nail artist Park Eunkyung, founder of Unistella.

How to get them on
1. Prep nails by pushing back the cuticles.
2. Remove dirt and grease with the provided alcohol pad.
3. Remove adhesive backing from gel nail.
4. Press nail tip onto your nail and hold it there for three seconds.
5. Now, keep your artificial nails away from water and oil for an hour.

How to get them off

1. Soak the provided wooden stick in any nail polish remover.
2. Work the stick in gently between your nail and the press-on to dissolve the adhesive and dislodge it.
3. Be amazed at how fast the latter happens.

Except for the Petite range for kids, every box of Dashing Diva’s Magic Press Press-on Gel Manicure/Pedicure has an alcohol pad to clean nails, a wooden stick to dislodge stickies and a mini nail file. Below, from left: Mass, Premium and Signature are $16.90-$25.90 each, and each has 30 tips in 12 sizes. Pedicure is $16.90; its Premium version (not shown here) is $22.90. Petite is $14.90. The latter three each have 24 tips in 12 sizes.

For more information, visit us at https://dashingdiva.com.sg/.