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We’re tripping over ourselves (guffaw, get it?) at JLaw’s new hair!

Wait, is the pixie craze already over?

When we got wind of news that Miley Cyrus was adding another cough, oral supplement to her roster of chemical ingestibles (relax, this one’s for hair growth!), we held out hope that Jennifer Lawrence would stand strong as the last bastion of spunky, short-haired femininity.   

Alas, it appears as if the celeb crush on the close crop has cooled somewhat, if JLaw’s hilariously over-the-top 80’s blow-dry at this week’s Oscars is any indication.

Indeed, our comrades in the coiffure industry were quick to speculate that Jennifer’s heavily styled mop marks the beginning of a months-long road towards hair redemption. 

Speaking from personal experience, we’re inclined to believe our ponytail pundits are right: We’ve found that one of the best ways to disguise shaggy mid-length hair is to spray it to death.

Here’s more on how to ride out the waves of gawky in-between-ness that is growing out short hair:

The first cut is the deepest. As paradoxical as it may sound, you should prettify your post-pixie cut by trimming it regularly. “Growing out your hair is best done in stages,” advises Ark Lin, creative director of Air Salon. “Visit a trusted stylist at least once a month, then space your appointments out gradually.”

To make the transition as painless as possible, Ark suggests snipping the sides and back to mould your pixie into a longish bob – hey, you can even experiment with the Beyoncé wob while you’re at it! – then layer the bangs and strands around the ears at the four-month mark to create the illusion of sleeker, longer hair.

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Toni & Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe Classic Shine Gloss Serum, $22.90 for 30 ml, Prep Volume Plumping Mousse, $21.90 for 222 ml, and Glamour Firm Hold Hairspray, $22.90 for 250 ml

Let your hair up. You might as well have fun jazzing things up while waiting out the awkward, neither-here-nor-there phase.

Consider making like Jennifer Lawrence and slick your fringe up into a retro-mod, super-cool take on the pompadour.

1. To get JLaw’s Oscars 2014 look, start with towel-dried hair. Protect your semi-wet strands with a good boosting tonic; we like running a pump or two of Toni & Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe’s Classic Shine Gloss Serum into the tips of our tresses for frizz-free fortification.

2. Next, scrunch in a “bodybuilding” product like the Prep Volume Plumping Mousse, which we’ve found lends lots of bounce and ballast with none of that icky, sticky build-up. Work the mousse all the way to your scalp for added “lift”.

3. Now that you’ve created a suitably stiff styling foundation to work on, grab the nozzle of your hair dryer and direct it at the roots, using a silicone barrel brush in the other hand to curl the ends of your locks away from your forehead.

4. Do this for about five minutes, then discard the implements and get down and dirty with your bare hands. Using swift, raking motions, sweep your fingers through your hair to separate any particularly unruly strands, twisting the ends at random for a Art Deco-esque, wave-like effect.

5. When you’ve tweaked and teased your tresses to a desired height, set it with a good, long blast of high-intensity hairspray; try Toni & Guy’s Glamour Firm Hold Hairspray.

And you’re done! A glorious mane that’s post-pixie friendly and red carpet-worthy at the same time.

Now, head out and hustle like the good American (or Singaporean) that you are – just don’t do a JLaw and trip before the party’s even started!

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