Tony Moly seems like an odd name for a beauty brand but I’ve learnt from the amusing “Japglish” translations on cult Japanese makeup products to never judge a brand by what’s on its packaging.

The name is actually made up, much in the vein of Häagen-Dazs. It represents a concept of beautifying oneself through using simple and natural products, according to Eugene Z., the account executive of Olive Consulting Group who’s representing the brand in Singapore.

Unusual name aside, the brand actually has the highest average sales record per shop in South Korea since launching in 2006. This could be because of the natural and organic ingredients the products contain or because the brand is fronted by well-known Korean girl group, Brown Eyed Girls, known for their sexy hit Abracadabra.

Or its success could be because it satisfies the beauty junkie’s hunger by adding 20 to 30 new colours and products to its staggering 800-product range every month. I’ve also heard great reviews, especially about its gel eyeliner and whitening products.

But one look at the packaging on the brand’s best-selling lines Egg Pore Series, TomaTox and AppleTox, should explain why the products are so popular. Moisturiser bottles shaped like eggs, tomatoes and apples? Who can resist?

Tony Moly is at #02-151 Marina Square. Another store is slated to open at Bugis Junction in November. Special discounts and promotions are going on until 30 September. For more information, go to or their Facebook page at