Forget spending a fortune on hair care products if you’re not using the right hairbrush.

The wrong brush is capable of damaging your locks completely so make sure you’re grooming with the best tools possible.

Here is our guide to picking the right hairbrush for your style.

Paddle brushes
Paddle brushes are fantastic for long locks if “shiny and smooth” are on your hair care wish list. Aveda’s Wooden Paddle Brush is a good option as it features long bristles that stimulate and massage the scalp.

Cushion brushes
A cushion brush is a good choice for medium to long hair that is prone to tangling and breakage. The nifty air-filled cushion conforms to the shape of the scalp and reduces any shock that can be caused with intensive brushing. The Denman Classic brush is great for all lengths. The traditional design has close-set nylon pins set into an anti-static rubber cushion base.

Round brushes
In combination with your blow dryer and some skill, round brushes are a must for styling. Size is important, so use a small to medium barrel for shorter hair to create more volume, texture and for layered styles. Use a large or extra large barrel for long hair to create sleek and straight hair. The Kent Pure Bristle radial brush from the Natural Shine range is ideal for creating a voluminous look.

Vent brushes
Vent brushes are great for short styles and particularly good for adding volume. Whether flat or circular, they have openings between bristles, which allow more heat from the blow dryer to get directly to the hair. GHD’s Anti-Static Hairbrush is brilliant for blowdrying and detangling short to medium-length hair.

Thermal brushes
Thermal means the barrel has a hollow or full metal core designed specifically to conduct heat to the hair. The Global Keratin Thermal Round Hair Brush has a metal barrel and flexible nylon bristles which gently penetrate and grip the hair for plenty of control. – © Cover Media