Phyto Hair Spa by ReVamp, $88-$99 for first-time customers, $188 & above for repeat customers

The intensive 2-hour treatment aims to refresh and detox your scalp. Best for those with sensitive, itchy scalps that are having dandruff problems.

Phyto Hair Spa by ReVamp is at Wheelock Place #05-08A (6220 6948) and Ngee Ann City #05-26 (6734 6776)


Rating: 4/5

A consultant checks my scalp so that she can recommend the right treatment for me. Then, I get comfortable in a massage chair and choose from a list of movies to watch.

The therapist massages a series of oils and serums on my head that have varying uses from getting rid of bacteria, clearing dandruff and dead skin to de-stress. Oxygen therapy is administered in between that is, my head is covered in a foil-like bag with oxygen pumped in to help to clean off excess sebum and dead skin cells that are stuck inside the hair follicles.

There’s also a thorough upper body massage, followed by a wash and blow and another scalp check to see how my hair condition has improved.

“Relaxing”. That’s the first word that comes to mind during the treatment. After popping in the DVD of Confessions of a Shopaholic, I sit back and let the therapist do her work.

She recommends the sensitive scalp treatment as mine had been feeling itchy and inflamed – the late nights and hurried washings in the morning had taken their toll.

The scalp check done afterwards shows oily dandruff and oil clogs in my follicles had somewhat cleared. My scalp feels refreshed and  clean.