Let’s be honest for a second here – how many of us have seen shots of ourselves only to grimace in horror before hitting delete faster than it takes to launch the camera app? We’re not talking about blinking just as the shutter released, but greasy skin that practically doubles as a light reflector, or a dull complexion that makes you look like the walking dead (especially when the flash is on).

Whether it’s a selfie or a full-on photo shoot, the key to looking ah-mazing on camera is firstly, healthy, hydrated skin and secondly, using the right make up to enhance your natural beauty. Enter Astalift, the Japanese skincare line known and loved for their use of nanoparticle technology in the pursuit of that flawless skin all Japanese women seem to rock. From facials that purge your pores without harmful extractions to their newly launched make up line, we say, who else would know better about looking great on camera than the skincare brand that was developed by film giant, Fujifilm? Here’s how they’ll help you achieve flawless, photogenic beauty.


Astalift Facial Specialty

This facial taps into the power of Astalift’s Skincare’s 3 key technologies to help you achieve that red-carpet glow sans makeup. Powerful nanotechnology assists the delivery of active ingredients deep into your skin, while their collagen technology uses 3 types of functional collagen to protect, replenish and nurture. Finally, your skin is infused with Fujifilm’s proprietary Super Anti-Oxidants: nano astaxanthin and nano lycopene work harmoniously to deliver powerful anti-aging effects. Prior to your facial, a personalized skin analysis will be carried out by beauty therapists to ensure your skin is getting exactly what it needs, whether your skin concerns are pore size, wrinkles, pigmentation or irregular sebum levels.

Using this information in conjunction with Astalift products, the facial will ultimately help to rebalance your skin’s water and oil levels, restore optimal moisture levels, promote healthy skin function and boosts natural defenses. The facial also utilises special massaging techniques and light therapy to better enhance absorption of all this goodness into your skin. We also love that unlike traditional facials, this one doesn’t require steaming or extraction. Pores are deeply and thoroughly cleansed using nanotechnology, which removes clogs through natural cell renewal. This means no pain, and no downtime post treatment! Over time, you’ll be able to see how your skin is responding to your customised treatment – right down to a level the naked eye is unable to detect.

Enjoy Astalift Signature Facial at just $29* (up $68) from now until 31st October 2018.

Facial service is available at Astalift Boutiques – NEX (#01-70) / 6481 3937 and Wisma Atria (#03-30)/ 6238 6386). Strictly by appointment basis only.

*only applicable to new facial customers


flarosso Makeup

Can we just take a moment to say how psyched we are for their recently launched make up line, flarosso? Combining Fujifilm’s photographic colour presentation technology and decades of insight and knowledge with the extensive experience of an Italian creative team, the flarosso line consists of 6 items that showcase the best of east-meets-west. Think Italian sophistication and trendiness in reflected in products that work perfectly with Asian skin tones. The result? Translucent and vivid colours that helps us achieve flawless, photogenic beauty. Plus – we’re loving that adorable flamingo packaging. The line includes lipstick (S$46), eyeshadow (S$65), highlighter (S$55), powder blush (S$77), blusher brush ($51) and a blusher (S$55) that are available in a range of hues and colour combinations. 

Visit Astalift boutiques at NEX (#01-70), Wisma (#03-30) and JEM (#01-20) to try out the light-reflecting, long wear power of the flarosso line.

 You may also like to check out Astalift Facebook page and Instagram for more details.