As age and gravity take their toll on our bodies, some women might notice a less-than-perky
bustline and emerging varicose and spider veins. To tackle these conditions in a natural and
effective way, Norwegian skin care brand, Audrey Christian, has formulated two unique products;
Push Up, $129 and Venetrim, $79, to aid you in maintaining your womanly curves and reduce
the appearance of unsightly snaking veins.

Dedicated to using only the highest quality ingredients, Audrey Christian has created Push Up – a cream that combines the contouring and firming properties of natural ingredients like the unique Kigelia Africana fruit, fermented soy protein and apricot kernel oil with state-of-the-art science to create a product that helps to lift and reshape breasts, and tone loose skin brought about by age, sudden weight loss or pregnancy.

Push Up repairs and supports the breast, so your breasts appear fuller, firmer and shapelier. Applying Push Up to the breasts regularly using upward and inward strokes that sweep towards the neck will “stimulate the nerve centre for vitality and result in firmer, softer, smoother and younger-looking breasts and skin after one to two weeks”.

Other parts of your body that requires skin improvement can also benefit from the regular use of Push Up’s collagen and elastin-stimulating qualities. Its cell-regenerating formula smoothens out wrinkles and cellulite, and reduces stretch marks. Audrey Christian also recommends using Push Up during pregnancy to help prevent stretch marks before they occur.

Women who are constantly on their feet or on the go will find Venetrim a handy product for soothing tired legs and reducing the appearance of varicose veins.

Made from a variety of natural ingredients including horse chestnut extract, butcher’s broom, and witch hazel, Venetrim is said to effectively address the problems related to chronic venous insufficiency – a condition that may cause varicose veins, broken capillaries, swollen legs, cramps, itchiness and skin ulcers.

Its plant-based formula, rich in antioxidants, helps strengthen blood vessels, reduce bruising and enhance blood circulation, so broken capillaries and swollen veins are less visible after two to three weeks of consistent application.

Audrey Christian recommends elevating your legs after applying Venetrim for immediate relief of tired legs. To boost the effects of Venetrim, wrap your legs in plastic wrap for a pampering treat.

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